With close to 1,000 people in attendance, the Northcoast 99 awards dinner last night brought NE Ohio's best companies under one roof to celebrate as winners of the class of 2013. We went as first-time winners, and saw many of our clients, like Cuyahoga Community College and Lorain County Community College. While many jokes throughout the night poked fun at the legendary application process, multi-year winners assured us it gets easier the second year.

Bialosky + Partners is a first time winner of the Northcoast 99 Award - hopefully the first of many years with some luck!


Cleveland's Singing Angels give a great performance for last night's event. Image from ERC.

Cleveland's own Singing Angels sent a surge of warmth through the crowd with their voices, and Craig Kielburger, co-founder of the international movement  Me to We earned his standing ovation with an inspiring speech that reminded us that change can start with one person, one community, one company.

Craig Keilburger -who has built hundreds of schools and infrastructure for children and their families around the globe- speaks about the power just one person has to make a difference. Image from ERC.

All winners were awarded a lithograph for their accomplishments. Ours was proudly set up in our lobby this morning! Congrats to the fellow 98 winners!

Bialosky + Partners' lithograph proudly sits in our lobby.