May 18, 2015

Bialosky / Ohio Desk Team Wins People’s Choice Award at Product Runway

Event Newstand

Event Newstand

It took six designers three months of planning and countless hours of creating, but the Bialosky + Partners / Ohio Desk team took home the People’s Choice Award at the IIDA Cleveland Akron hosted Product Runway 2015!


Our team, consisting of Mandisa Gosa (Bialosky + Partners), Sandy Weigel (Bialosky + Partners), Jen Hlavin (Bialosky + Partners), Raina Hooper (Ohio Desk), Maria Asser (Ohio Desk) and model Hallie DelVillan (Bialosky + Partners), competed against an astonishing 27 rival teams at Product Runway held at the Cleveland Museum of Art on Friday, May 1st. Our team worked with manufacturer representatives Donna DeCarlo (Ohio Desk), Stephen Stefancin (Coalesse) and Duane Cardamone (Designtex) – without their support none of this would have been possible!

PowerPoint Presentation

Our inspiration board - 1960s Modern inspired by wireframe furniture and bold colors of the era.


The final Bialosky + Partners | Ohio Desk design on the Runway!

Our Final Design, inspired by both the historic location of this year’s event and the 60’s Mod fashion era, had the primary objective of creating something that mixed the past ideas of 60’s Mod with today’s fashion trends. We selected an array of textiles in bright, eye catching colors like magenta, yellow and teal from our sponsor, Designtex. Our design also featured an indoor/outdoor stool seat from Coalesse called the Emu Re-Trouvé Pouf. Not only was this furniture piece funky and creative, it was also very appropriate as the design of the stool was inspired by the meeting of the present and the past: nostalgic design from the fifties with its curls and spirals combined with modern production.  We also had several accessories including an intricate necklace consisting of hand-made fabric beads.

It was an exciting event (and a great party!), with over 1,000 people in the atrium at Cleveland Museum of Art to see all the designs. See the gallery on Facebook here, and to see all the fun that went on in the Photobooth before the show - click here.



We also had Mariel Hemingway in the house as our celebrity judge!

The Plain Dealer covered the story over the weekend - featuring our design! - Plain Dealer Article

Congrats again to all of the winners & Thanks to all that came to support our team!!

The Winner's Circle, with Best of Show in the Center!

The Winner's Circle, with Best of Show in the Center!

April 7, 2015

Canstruction: Bialosky takes home People’s Choice Award!

BPA would like to thank our sponsors for their generous donations. Thanks to their help we were able to raise $4,390 and purchase over 4,188 cans of food to donate to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank during their Harvest for Hunger Campaign! These cans combined with the rest of the teams’ structures, will provide a record breaking number of over 32,800 cans to Northeast Ohio’s Hunger Relief.

This year, our sculpture was given the People's Choice Award! With the theme of “Childhood Board Games”, our team created the “GO” corner of a Monopoly board loaded with a house, hotel, hat player’s piece and shoe player’s piece made of 4,188+ cans. Our Monopoly board contained a variety of foods such as potatoes, pork & beans, black beans and salmon as well as “super foods” including tuna and vegetables.

Logo Monopoly

Monopoly was created during the height of the Great Depression by a man who simply wanted to entertain his friends and loved ones. While the Great Depression is long since over, poverty is still a prevalent issue today. According to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, one in six people are food insecure - meaning they may not know where their next meal will come from. With our contribution this year, we hope to "PASS GO" on hunger!

Enjoy some photos from the event including all of the great sculptures this year!
Note: Please hover your mouse over the images below to navigate the slideshow:

November 24, 2014

LCCC Culinary Arts Design Receives IIDA Best of Category Award

Bialosky + Partners received a 2014 design award from the Cleveland Chapter of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) for Best of Category in Education for the Lorain County Community College Ben & Jane Norton Culinary Arts Center in Elyria, Ohio.  We are pleased to announce that this is our second design award for the Culinary Arts Center and we want to again thank the college, the construction team, our consultants, and our photographers as well as our colleagues and the prestigious jury for this honor.

Visit our AIA Honorable Mention blog post to see the award submittal images and read the project brief.

Additionally, Plain Dealer Art & Architecture Critic Steven Litt has a recap of the event here: Healthcare projects dominate winning entries in 2014 AIA Cleveland architectural design awards

April 24, 2014

Jill Christoff and Ted Ferringer named Top 25 under 35 in Northeast Ohio

Bialosky + Partners is very proud to announce that both Jill Christoff and Ted Ferringer have been awarded the 2014 Northeast Ohio Top 25 Under 35 Movers & Shakers Award by the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club.  At a reception last month, Jill and Ted were recognized for their efforts in the office as well as in the civic and philanthropic realms.  The 20/30 Club is the largest and longest-running young professional group in Northeast Ohio and has recognized over 200 young professionals with this award over the last 8 years.  "Every year, the recipients and their contributions are more impressive and inspiring than the last year.  We're proud to bring this diverse and deserving group together to honor their achievements and help connect YPs and others with the region's current and future leaders," said Lindsey Polichuck, President of the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club of this year's entire class of recipients.   After graduating with her Master's in Architecture from Notre Dame University in 2009, Jill began to reinvest herself in Cleveland; actively involving herself wherever she believed in the mission of the organization and where she could make an impact.  Over the last few years, she has been consistently involved in volunteering with the AIA Cleveland chapter, organizing various lectures, tours, and developing programming for other young professionals and was awarded with the Emerging Practitioner Award this past year.  She has volunteered for PechaKucha since 2008, involving herself in almost every aspect of production of these popular events including fundraising, marketing, and photo-documenting.  Jill has been teaching an Interior Design studio at Kent State University's CAED for the past few years, helping students learn necessary skills for the profession as well as mentoring them and helping lead them into the professional world.  Jill has volunteered her time after hours to help organize Bialosky + Partner's CANstruction efforts for the past few years, raising over $10,000 in canned food donated to the Greater Cleveland Foodbank in the last two years alone.   Ted is an active member of the community and actively volunteers his time supporting a number of local and regional causes.  He is a founding member of the Edgewater Hill Victory Garden community garden, Bike Cleveland Advocacy Committee Member, and co-lead planner of Park (ing) Day Cleveland, an annual open-source global event in which citizens, artists, and activists collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into temporary public places.  Ted has served locally with AIA Cleveland as co-chair of the Associates committee and the Director of Community Outreach, resulting in his Activism Award at this past year's AIA Cleveland Design Awards.  He is currently the Regional Associate Director for the entire Ohio Valley Region serving on the National Associates Committee.  Ted has volunteered his time to help Bialosky + Partners earn Honorable Mention in the COLDSCAPES competition with the submission "GLOW" and pro bono work for Bike Cleveland, leading planning and design for "The Midway", a conceptual proposal for a separated cycle track network in Cleveland that re-uses right-of-ways from the city's former streetcar network.   We are very proud of all the work that Jill and Ted have done, both to serve our clients and to serve our community! [slideshow_deploy id='2703']

March 26, 2014

Canstruction: Bialosky Wins “Can-Spirit” Award Two Years in a Row!

The Bialosky + Partners Architects CANstruction team has once again won the award for “can-spirit” at CANstruction Cleveland 2014!  This award is given to the team with the biggest enthusiasm and largest amount of cans donated through a can sculpture.

7,000 Cans ready to be Can-Structed!

BPA would like to thank our sponsors for their generous donations.  Thanks to their help we were able to raise over $5,750 and purchase over 6,900 cans of food to donate to the Greater Cleveland Foodbank during their Harvest for Hunger Campaign! These cans combined with the rest of the teams’ structures, will provide a record breaking number of over 30,000 meals to Northeast Ohio’s Hunger Relief.

The team works together to finish the structure in under 5 hours

With this year’s theme of “Route 66 – American Landmarks”, our team created a can replica of the Hollywood Hills.  Route 66 was one of the first original highways in the U.S. As one of America’s Landmarks and near the ending site of route 66; our sculpture of the Hollywood hills was built in hopes to help end hunger in Cleveland.  The front of the sculpture represents the undulating hills of Hollywood and the back gives a nod to route 66 with the classic logo.IMG_4016IMG_4016

Route 66 - The back of BPA's Hollywood Hills Structure

With Route 66 covering over 2,448 miles, it was our goal to double that number in canned goods to create this structure.  To our surprise, and the generous help from our sponsors, we were able to meet and exceed that goal! Note: Please hover your mouse over the images below to navigate the slideshow: [slideshow_deploy id='2593']   BPA Thanks our sponsors!