June 2, 2015

Edgewater Beach House Design Progress to be Unveiled at Ward 15 Community Meeting

What: Ward 15 Community Meeting

When: Thursday June 4th, 2015 6pm to 8pm

Where: Louisa May Alcott Elementary School

Remember the Cleveland Metroparks Edgewater Beach House project? While things have been quiet publically, our team has been hard at work on its design! We have incorporated many ideas that were received at a series of public meetings in early December on the Cleveland Metroparks Lakefront Reservation planning and from the MindMixer project page! If interested you in learning more, please attend the Ward 15 Community Meeting, this Thursday June 4th from 6pm to 8pm at Louisa May Alcott School at 10308 Baltic Road.
More details:

Please join Councilman Matt Zone, Cudell Inc. and Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization for a special meeting to learn details about the upcoming improvements and reconstruction for the West Shoreway. Representatives from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will be in attendance, along with Great Lakes Construction, the contractor for the project to answer questions and address concerns stakeholders may have.In addition, representatives from the Cleveland Metroparks will be updating the community on the construction and timeline of the new roundabout and bathhouse/restaurant at lower Edgewater Park.We will also update the community on the Shoppes on Clifton project.There are so many exciting projects slated to begin this summer in our community, please plan on attending this important meeting to get all the details!

If you're a facebook user, you may RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/702273333216811/

For information about the West Shoreway reconstruction see ODOT's project page here: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/projects/ClevelandUrbanCoreProjects/LakefrontWest/Pages/default.aspx

December 17, 2014

Help Envision the new Cleveland Metroparks Edgewater Beach House

We need your help! Bialosky + Partners Architects is leading a team with Cleveland Metroparks to design a new Beach House facility at Cleveland's Edgewater Beach. Cleveland Metroparks assumed management of Edgewater Beach and Park and other Cleveland lakefront parks in June 2013 creating the Lakefront Reservation.

To aid in the design process, we need your help to envision the future of this facility and vitality of the beach! Learn more about the project, give feedback, and take part in the conversation at the project MindMixer page: http://metroparksedgewater.mindmixer.com/

Additionally, our team solicited feedback at three public meetings that took place earlier this month. The open house meetings focused on the overall $14 million of planned Cleveland Metroparks lakefront park improvements. Learn more about those meetings and other Clevleand Metroparks Lakefront Reservation projects here: http://clevelandmetroparks.org/Main/Lakefront-Planning-Meetings.aspx 

In the late winter or early spring of 2015, our team will present developed designs at a second round of public meetings.

Cleveland Metroparks staff giving a short presentation a December Lakefront Planning Public Open House

Cleveland Metroparks staff giving a short presentation a December Lakefront Planning Public Open House

Bialosky + Partners Architects & Environmental Design Group staff discuss the Edgewater Beach House Project with attendees during a Cleveland Metroparks Lakefront Planning Open House.

Bialosky + Partners Architects & Environmental Design Group staff discuss the Edgewater Beach House Project with attendees during a Cleveland Metroparks Lakefront Planning Open House.

About the project: The new Edgewater Beach House shall be the “hub” of activity for the Edgewater Beach, replacing the current Edgewater Beach facilities. With a budget of $3.4 to $4 million, the project is utilizing a community-informed design process.  Construction shall begin in late summer of 2015, with completion in mid-2016. The project design will use sustainable design principles with a goal of LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Certification.

The new Edgewater Beach House, a two level approx. 9000sf facility, will include an observation deck, expanded concessions, restrooms, changing stations, and beach access, along with new outdoor amenities. Other program elements being considered are sundry/retail sales, recreational equipment rental, and educational elements. Site work will include plazas, patios, and spraygrounds, and landscaping.

The Bialosky + Partners Architects led team includes Environmental Design Group (civil and landscape architecture), Terracon (geotech), Karpinski Engineering (MEP), Barber & Hoffman (structural) and Predictive Service (LEED commissioning).

Existing Edgewater Beach House Site Location Plan

Existing Edgewater Beach House Site Location Plan

December 2, 2014

“Stone, Wave, Dream” Exhibit Featuring Jack A. Bialosky, Sr. on Display Through 12/6/14.

This week is your last chance to view the breathtaking art exhibit “Stone, Wave, Dream: Three Artists, Three Worlds”. Featuring acrylic paintings from our very own Jack Alan Bialosky, Sr., the expansive collection captures majestic landscapes and structures near and far. The exhibit also showcases the watercolors and etchings of Audra Rose, and Leonard Trawick. While some early work is showcased, most are newly-created pieces from these accomplished 80+ year-old artists.

Acrylic Paintings of Jack Alan Bialosky Sr. Architect, Cleveland, Shaker Heights

Acrylic Paintings of Jack Alan Bialosky Sr. Architect, Cleveland, Shaker Heights

Acrylic Paintings of Jack Alan Bialosky Sr. Architect, Cleveland, Shaker Heights

View this exceptional and vast collection, free, through December 6th, 2014 at:

Beachwood Community Center
25325 Fairmount Blvd.
Beachwood, OH 44122

Gallery Hours:
Monday – Friday : 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday : 10:00 AM– 3:00 PM
Sunday : 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Acrylic Paintings of Jack Alan Bialosky Sr. Architect, Cleveland, Shaker Heights

August 6, 2014

2014 Great Lakes Renaissance Symposium on High Performing Building Enclosures

Last month BEC (Building Enclosure Council) Cleveland and AIA Cleveland hosted the National BEC Symposium on High Performing Building Enclosures.  Bialosky + Partners played an active role in the organization of the event and four of our team members (Jacob Stollfuss, Cliff Collins, Matt MacRaild, and Paul Taylor) participated in the learning experience.  We are very passionate about building science because buildings matter.  As the need for energy reduction in buildings increases it becomes even more important to understand how to build correctly; how to build healthy, durable, and sustainable buildings. Because construction techniques, technologies, materials, and codes continue to advance at accelerating rates it becomes increasingly important to learn and also to educate.  That is what this event was about.  It was about sharing knowledge to lift the entire industry up, and then inspiring everyone to keep pushing forward, continuing to educate ourselves, our clients, contractors and other building professionals.  There were 250+ people in attendance including architects, engineers and building scientists, however there were very few contractors and only one code official in attendance.  Creating the best high performing buildings requires a true interdisciplinary team effort. It is our job to take the lead in this and to make education a foundational theme throughout our careers. BLP055-BEC 5-8-14_088   There were five educational sessions during the day-long event and several local design firms contributed to a design exhibit, curated by Jacob Stollfuss and Paul Taylor, which featured high performing building designs.  The following are a few of the highlights from the day’s sessions: Why Buildings Matter Chris Mathis President / Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC) Chairman / Mathis Consulting Company (MC2)

  • What we build matters: because buildings consume 2/3 of total fossil fuels used per year to construct and inhabit.
  • Design choices impact our future: When we build each decision we make now will effect the next 100 years.
  • Use water wisely: It takes 30-50 gallons of water per 1KWH of electricity to cool a power plant.
  • Set high standards initially: Codes are a minimum; we tend to wait for disaster, and then react by upping the code required standards.

BLP055-BEC 5-9-14_ 001_copy Achieving Durability and High Performance without Failures Dr. John Straube, PhD., P.Eng. Building Science Laboratories/ Building Science Consulting Inc. The University of Waterloo

  • Roofs matter: Protective Membrane Roofs are the best, most durable roofs:  Ballast o/ Insulation Board o/ Control Layers o/ Structure.
  • Think thoroughly through white roofs: White ‘cool’ roofs are good but they have two to three times the hours of condensation as a black roof, therefore need better moisture control.  Firstly they need an air barrier so vapor doesn’t travel into the system through air movement (this has to be an added material to ensure continuity).  Secondly they need carefully considered Vapor control (materials themselves tend to provide this – XPS insulation, for example).
  • Know the truth about dew points: Dew points don’t occur within materials, they occur on the material’s surface.

BLP055-BEC 5-9-14_ 005_copy   Heat & Moisture Transfer in Exterior Walls – What Happens When Old Becomes New William B. Rose Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

  • Do the right analysis: Important to do Steady State Modeling, not Dew Point Analysis.
  • Mind the masonry: Insulating walls of historic masonry buildings will not damage masonry from freeze-thaw.
  • Temperature tells all: A cold wall is wet.  A warm one is dry.

Parapet Wall Design:  Water Infiltration, Air Tightness, and Energy Efficiency Considerations Matthew Novesky, RA, NCARB Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

  • Learn from precedents: There have been many failures from many different building conditions that can serve to teach us lessons.  Some basic causes of moisture problems were identified and presented to the group as case studies.  Examples highlighted how moisture damage was remedied in high rise buildings.

The State of the Industry: High-Performance Building Enclosure Panel Discussion

  • Preach what you practice: Reiterated the importance of continuing education for practicing professionals and the responsibility that we have to teach others about strategies for achieving high performing buildings.

This symposium was a great event that inspired our firm to keep pushing forward as relates to high performing building enclosures.  And it inspired us to continue to be leaders in the field and educate ourselves, our clients, and all others in the building industry.  Stay tuned for more on this important and exciting (in a nerdy way) topic. BLP055-BEC 5-9-14_ 008_copy

July 30, 2014

Jack Bialosky Jr.’s “Beyond the Menorah” featured in Faith & Form

We are excited to share that Senior Principal at Bialosky + Partners Architects, Jack Bialosky Jr., AIA, LEED AP, has an article featured in Volume 47, Issue 2 of Faith & Form: The Interfaith Journal on Religion, Art, and Architecture, titled Beyond the Menorah - The Ner Tamid as the Second Source of Light in Jewish Sacred Space. While the imagery surrounding Chanukah, the Jewish feast of re-dedication and the festival of lights, is well-known – the miraculous story of a single day’s worth of oil burning for 8 days and nights in the Temple.  But beyond this story lies the lesser-known origins of the lamp itself, the Ner Tamid. Read the article here: http://faithandform.com/feature/beyond-menorah/

Jack A. Bialosky, Jr. featured article in Faith and Form, Beyond the Menorah

Cover of Faith & Form - The Interfaith Journal on Religion, Art, and Architecture Volume 47 Issue 2 / Image of "Cario, September 30, 2012" from the "Be Still" series by Kristen Bedford

Inspired by a pine cone, the Ner Tamid at Suburban Temple Kol Ami hangs a copper-crocheted tapestry. Both the Ner Tamid and Suburban Temple were originally designed by Jack A. Bialosky Sr. in the 1950s.

This issue of Faith & Form includes Alexander Gorlin, FAIA on his recent addition and renovation to Louis Kahn's Temple Beth-el in Chappaqua, New York; Bert Daelemans, S.J.sharing his thoughts on the use of Christian imagery in Tadao Ando's religious projects, among other features! Read the full issue here: http://faithandform.com/feature/