A Future Practice: Bialosky + Partners Lead Sessions at the 2014 AIA Ohio Convention!

AIA Ohio Convention 2014 Bialosky + Partners Architects

This week, Bialosky + Partners Architects will lead sessions at the 2014 AIA Ohio Convention, in Kent, OH that tackle the theme of “A Future Practice”.  Senior and Managing Principal Jack A. Bialosky, Jr.,  AIA, LEED AP and Principal David W. Craun, AIA, LEED AP are  jointly leading two sessions. Thursday’s Session, Action Planning For Firm Development will be facilitated by Jeffery Carmen, Management Consultant to the AEC industry. On Friday, Jack and David, along with Partner Aaron Hill AIA of Richard Fleischman + Partners Architects, and Principal Mike Schuster, FAIA, LEED AP of MSA Architects will be hosting a discussion titled It Takes A Village to Raise A Partner. Finally, Designer and Business Development Director Theodore Ferringer, Assoc. AIA, LEED Assoc., is leading a session on Thursday with designer Michael Christoff, Assoc. AIA, of Vocon and Project Manager Angela Jayjack Assoc. AIA, LEED AP of the General Services Administration, titled Empowering Emerging Professionals & Non-Traditional Practitioners: Lessons Learned  From AIA Cleveland.

We hope to see you there!

See details regarding the convention and the individual sessions below:

About the 2014 AIA Ohio Convention:

AIA Ohio, in collaboration with host chapters AIA Eastern Ohio and AIA Akron will be hosting the 2014 AIA Ohio convention at Kent State University on September 18 – 20, 2014. Working together with members of the profession from throughout Ohio, this years convention will be the first time that AIA Ohio has worked to bring its annual convention to the site of one of the states architectural programs.

This years theme, “A Future Practice” focuses on careers, business and practice opportunities for those who are just entering the architectural profession as well as long time practitioners looking for ways to change their existing practices.  Centered out of the Kent State Hotel and Conference Center, the convention will focus on the connection of practice to the academy as the profession is redesigned.

Thursday, Sept. 18: 1:00 – 2:15pm at Dix Ballroom, KSU

Action Planning For Firm Development

Too much time spent working in the business and not enough spent on the business can leave a firm stagnant and unable to compete. Generational changes and new technologies are not only changing how we produce architecture, but the business of architecture itself. This session reflects on how leadership can successfully plan for the changing landscape of practice, creating opportunities for innovation and growth, while still getting the job done. This session is primarily focused on mid to large size firms. Jeffery Carmen, Management Consultant to the AEC industry will lead this session, explaining the trends, hurdles, opportunities to both the business and practice of architecture. With over 35 years of experience, Carmen has helped many define and achieve success on their terms. With a belief that “industry standard metrics” perpetuate mediocrity, Jeffrey will explain how to plan for action without falling into usual solutions. Joining Jeffery will be Bialosky + Partners Architects Managing Principal, Jack Bialosky, Jr., and the firm’s youngest Principal, David W. Craun. They will share BPA’s recent Action Planning strategy which has transformed such things as work environment, branding and messaging, and young leadership that has pushed the firm to never before seen successes.

Thursday, Sept. 18: 2:30 – 3:45pm at McGilvery Ballroom, KSU

Empowering Emerging Professionals & Non-Traditional Practitioners: Lessons Learned From AIA Cleveland

2014-09-16_AIA_Empowering Emerging Professionals & Non-Traditional Practitioners COVER IMAGE

Organizations throughout the county are evaluating how they engage the generations they serve. With an average member age of 50 and 40% of members retiring in the next 10 years, AIA is at a particularly sensitive and exciting time as it evaluates its relationship with Emerging Professionals (EP) and those on non-traditional career paths. In response to this context, AIA is proactively responding to evolving membership needs through the Repositioning Initiative. This session will showcase engagement and programming lessons learned by the AIA Cleveland Associates Committee; a committee organized by a series of Associate Directors who recognized the importance of engaging EP’s and non-traditional career path professionals in the organization. This panel will engage the audience in discussing: How can EP’s and associates become valuable resources for AIA as outreach into the community, positioning components as leaders within the community? How can increased EP and associate participation help address the diversity gap found in most chapters? What value does AIA participation by EP’s and associates have for firms? We shall discuss these questions and more in this moderated panel discussion, sharing the replicable model that AIA Cleveland has recently developed to engage and empower EP and associate members.


Friday, Sept. 19: 9:00am – 10:15am at McGilvery Ballroom, KSU 

It Takes A Village To Raise A Partner

2014-AIA_Session_It_Takes_A_Village_FINAL 1

A roundtable discussion will allow participants to examine the road to Partnership as one that requires equal ownership of the process by both older and newer leaders of the firm. This model of shared ownership asks experienced Partners to strategize in growing and harvesting the next generation of leadership together with future firm leaders. A culture of empowerment and self-driven responsibility proves to be the soil for emerging practitioners (EPs) to not only bloom, but to take roots in the firm. From the EP side, the session explores how to emerge as a partner in a fashion that fits him/her personally. Managing Partner of Bialosky + Partners Architects, Jack A. Bialosky, Jr, AIA, LEED AP, will host this roundtable with David W. Craun, AIA, LEED AP, who made history when he earned the first intern-to-partner promotion in the firm. Mike Schuster, FAIA, LEED AP, Founding Principal of MSA Architects and AIA Ohio Immediate Past President and Aaron Hill, AIA, Partner at Richard Fleischman + Partners Architects and AIA Cleveland President-Elect will join other architects at various career milestones from around the state to join the discussion.

IIDA Talk of the Town: Urban Cool Meets Farm Fresh

We are excited to share that Bialosky + Partners has been featured in the IIDA Cleveland Akron City Center Newsletter and website’s “Talk of the Town” column.  The article profiles Cuyahoga Community College (CCC)’s Hospitality Management Center (HMC) and the adjacent private restaurant Pura Vida.

Read the article here: http://www.iidaohky.org/articles/cleveland-akron/urban-cool-meets-farm-fresh-ccc-hospitality-management-center-pura-vida

The project goal was to create a new image for the college via contemporary, forward-looking architecture paired with clean striking interiors that creates an inviting community nexus to celebrate the art of cooking.  Glass walls admit views into the restaurant kitchen allowing the culinary students and visitors to see the instruction process in action.  This visual connection enhances the idea of Culinary Theater and demystifies the art of cooking.

Pura Vida + CCC HMC won a NAIOP Northern Ohio 2013 Award of Excellence for best Mixed-Use Interior Design project and a 2012 Award of Merit from IES (Illuminating Engineering Society).

Additionally, mark your calendars for the upcoming IIDA OH KY Chapter Annual Conference that will be held in Cleveland on October 17!  It’s held here once every 5 years and speakers this year include Cheryl Durst, IIDA CEO and Michael Murphy, Co-Founder and CEO of MASS Design Group.


Meet Nate Bailey

While we are already saying goodbye to some of our wonderful summer interns, we would like to welcome a couple new members to our team in the next week. Bialosky + Partners Architects welcomes designer and Kent State CAED graduate (B.S. ’10 & MArch ’11) Nate Bailey.

Born in Kentucky, Nate lived in the States until he was 3 years old.  His father, a missionary to Greece, relocated his family to Athens, where Nate enjoyed sunshine and baklava for the next 14 years. While Nate does not explicitly believe growing up in the frantic and historic urban environment of Athens led him directly to architecture, it did shape his world view in ways that make him a better, more thoughtful designer.

Upon returning to the States, Nate attended a community college outside of Toledo, where he earned an Associate of Fine Arts in Interior Design. He continued his education at Kent State University to study architecture. Three very special things happened at Kent. He received a Bachelor of Science, he further received a Masters of Architecture, and lastly met his lovely wife, Lauren. Well, there is a fourth. While we are quite happy that Nate met his would-be spouse at Kent State, we are even happier that he met Bialosky + Partners Principal David Craun. Mr. Craun, who serves as adjunct faculty at Kent, met Nate, while he was serving as a Graduate Assistant in the fall of 2010. While Nate thinks, Mr. Craun merely confused him with rapper sensation Macklemore, we would like to think it was Nate’s freestyle… err, design skills.

Separated At Birth

Nate Bailey and Macklemore: Separated at birth… or the same person? You decide.

Nate is a busy busy man. He is engaged with the AIA Cleveland Associates & Young Architects Committee, regularly serves as a juror on design studio reviews at KSU’s CAED, and continues to hit the books for the AREs to become licensed. Nate’s experience spans Higher Education, Retail, Healthcare, and Commercial work. When Nate is not living and breathing architecture, or being a general man of international mystery, he is quite a sportsman (which further validates the man of mystery bit.) In the summer, Nate suits up for volleyball, biking, and enjoying the great outdoors. In the winter: snowboarding in the Rockies (nothing against Boston Mills!)

Recently, I sat down with Nate to learn more.

Nate Bailey, international man of mystery.

Favorite building / space / place in Northeast Ohio?

Terminal Tower.

Being a RTA rider for many months, it’s got incredible sectional qualities of infrastructure, public spaces, retail, and restaurant, in addition to offering opportune views to the city.

Hidden Talent:

I can speak, read and write Greek – which is a bit disconcerting to Greeks who are usually thrown off by my fair Irish complexion.

Hobbies When You’re Off the Clock:

I enjoy reading and maintaining an active lifestyle. I’m an adrenaline junkie. Snowboarding in the winter and hiking, beach volleyball, biking, boating in the summer.


Nate and his wife Lauren taking a break from catching some waves on a trip to the west coast.

Your Alternate Reality Career:

Historian / Explorer. Enjoy the thrill of discovering new places and experiencing different cultures.

Your Ideal Dinner With One Architect or Designer (include the meal, place, and topic of conversation). I’d sit down with Rem Koolhaas at the Casa de Musica to a fully loaded Texas BBQ dinner complete with biscuits, beef brisket, mashed potatoes, etc and discuss design, AMO, and his favorite protégés.

 Bonus/Optional: Favorite designed object / building in the last year (let’s say back the beginning of 2013)?

Steven L Anderson Design Center by Marlon Blackwell.

Steven L Anderson Design Center; Fayetteville, Arkansas (2013) designed by Marlon Blackwell Architects


Job Openings: Architect & Engineer at Bialosky + Partners Architects

ARCHITECT: Bialosky + Partners Architects, an AIA Ohio Gold Medal Firm and Northcoast 99 Winner as one of the “99 Best Places To Work” is seeking registered architects with 7-12 years of experience to enhance our collaborative team. Applicants must demonstrate a proven track record of technical excellence in the production of construction documents for complex projects in which quality design is a priority. Experience leading project teams and managing consulting engineers is essential. Proficiency in AutoCAD, Revit, and other digital design technologies is also required. Please submit resumes and recent project examples to the following e-mail address: bialosky@bialosky.com. No phone calls please.


ENGINEER: Bialosky + Partners Architects, an AIA Ohio Gold Medal Firm and Northcoast 99 Winner as one of the “99 Best Places To Work” is seeking a versatile licensed Mechanical Engineer with 10-15 years of experience. The selected candidate must be comfortable working alongside our architects on a daily basis, as he/she will lead the integration and coordination of both internal and external engineering into our design process.  Applicants should be entrepreneurial and driven individuals willing to step outside the traditional role of systems engineering. The selected candidate will lead a new collaborative design approach with balanced consideration given to both architectural form and engineering function. Applicants should also possess excellent communication skills, electrical & plumbing experience, energy modeling and passive design experience in addition to displaying proficiency in AutoCAD, Revit, and other digital design technologies. Please submit resumes and recent project examples to the following e-mail address: bialosky@bialosky.com. No phone calls please.

2014 Great Lakes Renaissance Symposium on High Performing Building Enclosures

Last month BEC (Building Enclosure Council) Cleveland and AIA Cleveland hosted the National BEC Symposium on High Performing Building Enclosures.  Bialosky + Partners played an active role in the organization of the event and four of our team members (Jacob Stollfuss, Cliff Collins, Matt MacRaild, and Paul Taylor) participated in the learning experience.  We are very passionate about building science because buildings matter.  As the need for energy reduction in buildings increases it becomes even more important to understand how to build correctly; how to build healthy, durable, and sustainable buildings.

Because construction techniques, technologies, materials, and codes continue to advance at accelerating rates it becomes increasingly important to learn and also to educate.  That is what this event was about.  It was about sharing knowledge to lift the entire industry up, and then inspiring everyone to keep pushing forward, continuing to educate ourselves, our clients, contractors and other building professionals.  There were 250+ people in attendance including architects, engineers and building scientists, however there were very few contractors and only one code official in attendance.  Creating the best high performing buildings requires a true interdisciplinary team effort. It is our job to take the lead in this and to make education a foundational theme throughout our careers.

BLP055-BEC 5-8-14_088


There were five educational sessions during the day-long event and several local design firms contributed to a design exhibit, curated by Jacob Stollfuss and Paul Taylor, which featured high performing building designs.  The following are a few of the highlights from the day’s sessions:

Why Buildings Matter

Chris Mathis

President / Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council (BETEC)

Chairman / Mathis Consulting Company (MC2)

  • What we build matters: because buildings consume 2/3 of total fossil fuels used per year to construct and inhabit.
  • Design choices impact our future: When we build each decision we make now will effect the next 100 years.
  • Use water wisely: It takes 30-50 gallons of water per 1KWH of electricity to cool a power plant.
  • Set high standards initially: Codes are a minimum; we tend to wait for disaster, and then react by upping the code required standards.

BLP055-BEC 5-9-14_ 001_copy

Achieving Durability and High Performance without Failures

Dr. John Straube, PhD., P.Eng.

Building Science Laboratories/

Building Science Consulting Inc.

The University of Waterloo

  • Roofs matter: Protective Membrane Roofs are the best, most durable roofs:  Ballast o/ Insulation Board o/ Control Layers o/ Structure.
  • Think thoroughly through white roofs: White ‘cool’ roofs are good but they have two to three times the hours of condensation as a black roof, therefore need better moisture control.  Firstly they need an air barrier so vapor doesn’t travel into the system through air movement (this has to be an added material to ensure continuity).  Secondly they need carefully considered Vapor control (materials themselves tend to provide this – XPS insulation, for example).
  • Know the truth about dew points: Dew points don’t occur within materials, they occur on the material’s surface.

BLP055-BEC 5-9-14_ 005_copy


Heat & Moisture Transfer in Exterior Walls – What Happens When Old Becomes New

William B. Rose

Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

  • Do the right analysis: Important to do Steady State Modeling, not Dew Point Analysis.
  • Mind the masonry: Insulating walls of historic masonry buildings will not damage masonry from freeze-thaw.
  • Temperature tells all: A cold wall is wet.  A warm one is dry.

Parapet Wall Design:  Water Infiltration, Air Tightness, and Energy Efficiency Considerations

Matthew Novesky, RA, NCARB

Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

  • Learn from precedents: There have been many failures from many different building conditions that can serve to teach us lessons.  Some basic causes of moisture problems were identified and presented to the group as case studies.  Examples highlighted how moisture damage was remedied in high rise buildings.

The State of the Industry:

High-Performance Building Enclosure Panel Discussion

  • Preach what you practice: Reiterated the importance of continuing education for practicing professionals and the responsibility that we have to teach others about strategies for achieving high performing buildings.

This symposium was a great event that inspired our firm to keep pushing forward as relates to high performing building enclosures.  And it inspired us to continue to be leaders in the field and educate ourselves, our clients, and all others in the building industry.  Stay tuned for more on this important and exciting (in a nerdy way) topic.

BLP055-BEC 5-9-14_ 008_copy