Bialosky + Partners Architects (BPA) is excited to once again participate in this year’s Cleveland 2014 Canstruction Design/Build competition which benefits the Cleveland Foodbank during their Harvest for Hunger Campaign. Canstruction is a national charity of the design and construction industry created by the Society of Design Administration devoted to increasing public perception of hunger through gallery-style sculpture of canned goods in public locations. (Below please find photos of BPA structures from previous years.)  With the help of our sponsors last year: · BPA raised a total of $4,557! · Our sculpture included over 5,500 canned goods, all of which have been donated to the Cleveland Foodbank. · Constructing the sculpture took 6 hours & 14 team members · After purchasing all required items for our sculpture, we were thrilled to have the ability to contribute an additional $120 cash donation to the Cleveland Foodbank. · Our team’s sculpture, featuring Farshid Moussavi’s design of the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), was given the title “can-spirit” for most amount of cans and team enthusiasm!


This year, our goal is to have our sculpture consist of 6,000 cans (or cost approximately $5,000)! We respectfully request a donation of $250-500 as a company or $50.00 as an individual. However, your generosity at any amount will be greatly appreciated as we try and reach our goal. Your contributions will be recognized on signage next to our sculpture during the exhibit and featured in our BPA Cleveland Design Blog.Please follow the link below to place a donation to help us build our structure!

  Our sculpture will be on display at Beachwood Place Mall from March 21st to March 30th, 2014.  We kindly request any assistance you could provide by Monday, March 3, 2014 Please accept our gratitude for your time, thought, and consideration. We look forward to the potential collaboration with you for this charitable event.