We have one final promotion to announce at Bialosky + Partners: David W. Craun has been promoted to Associate Principal. Congratulations, David! Bialosky + Partners Promotes David Craun to Associate PrincipalWith a Masters in Urban Design from Kent State University fresh in hand, David joined our office in 2003 as one of our most well-rounded designers. It’s a common myth that architects cannot successfully balance theory and practice, but David has shattered that falsehood quite early in his career. He keeps a solid foot in each of these two worlds – theory through teaching at Kent State University’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design, and practice through his work at Bialosky + Partners. Projects that stand out in his young career are Crocker Park, Lorain County Community College’s Ben and Jane Norton Culinary Arts Center, INTESA at University Circle, and Kent State University’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) Competition with Architecture Research Office. When not at the office or teaching architectural design, David volunteers design services for good causes, not just in his community, but also in faraway lands.

INTESA at University Circle, Bialosky + Partners Architects

INTESA at University Circle

Some say David must live in an alternate time-space continuum, because for many, leadership in a prominent Cleveland design firm, teaching, mentoring, volunteering, and crafting flawless life-size diorama-like children’s birthday party environments would be a full schedule. But David and his artist wife, Jen Craun, Associate Director at Zygote Press, find the time to be exceptionally engaged in the Cleveland arts and local food scenes. Farmer’s Markets are not just a hip sunny outing for David, but actually part of a much greater statement: The Crauns spend nearly 100% of their grocery budget locally, as highlighted in a recent Edible Cleveland article.


David and his wife Jen are quite skilled by now at building these extraordinary birthday party environments for their children, like this Superhero themed image.

David’s recommended book for the office suits him well; Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson unwraps the new world of do-it-yourself product design and desktop manufacturing. But, let’s talk old-school manufacturing for a minute: David’s ideal Cleveland field trip for us? The Warehouse District. “It’s a gem of Cleveland History as the former center of commerce during the Civil War with amazing alleys, open spaces, and, of course, buildings that are worth exploring to both discover the past and dream of the future.”