Bialosky + Partners Architects is happy to give a hearty congratulations to Kiera Szytec (BArch, Syracuse 'o5), who has recently passed the last of the ARE licensing exams. Congratulations, Kiera on joining the ranks of licensed architects!

kiera szytec_BW

Kiera has not stopped smiling for two weeks.

For those interns who have yet to start the exam process, Kiera wants you to know that the biggest challenge isn't the material on the tests  - its mastering the software used to take the tests. And while no one would claim that the Structural exam is easy - watch out for the Construction Documents and Services exam if reading legal documents puts you to sleep. Consequently, if you can not sleep at night - try reading legal documents. Unless you are a lawyer. Then you might want to try reading architectural specifications. To date, the liability concerns have allowed Kiera to resist the urge to walk around BPA Cleveland "stamping" random pieces of paper, while yelling "I'm licensed!". Studies have shown this urge can only be resisted on average for 4 to 6 weeks.