This fall, Orange Village, OH will have a brand new service department on Lander Road. The new 12,800 sf facility and 3,200 sf salt building will support the village’s service department, and provide a maintenance faculty for the service, fire and police vehicles.  Flexibility and efficiency were key design factors, which led to a timber frame pole structure. Notice in the construction photos, this structure allows the spaces to be free of columns that boast a versatile /open interior. As for sustainability, this type of pole construction also has the advantage of an energy efficient building shell, and the site itself encompasses bio-retention.


The project is now under construction alongside the city's existing Municipal Center. A few designers from office buckled up their boots, and visited the site Monday to see the large-spanning trusses installed (see the video if you couldn't visit the site).

[flickrvideo width="600" height="450"][/flickrvideo]


Trusses awaiting installation.


About half the trusses were installed Monday, with the remainder installed today.


Orange Village's new Salt Building will store winter/ weather supplies for the city.


Detail of the Salt Building's retaining wall.