Marco Alexzander is a boutique salon that mirrors the client’s own flair for style and design. Prominently designed as a full-glass, off-axis wedge, the salon sits on the ground floor of The Lincoln, Tremont’s newest luxury midrise. Upon entering the salon, a black marble reception desk adorned with elegant lettering anchors the space. The aesthetics of The Lincoln, whose signature features are cool-tone blue-gray bricks, earthy woods, and lush planters, directly inspired the palette for Marco Alexzander.

Designed and executed in collaboration with SLATE Interiors Studio, Marco Alexzander infuses greenery into the salon to create a sophisticated jungle, where any surface had the potential to become a landscape. The show-stopping shampoo ceiling is a lush collection of tropical plants and warm globe pendants that is best experienced  looking up from a soothing hair wash below. Marco Alexzander has successfully created a new, refreshing salon experience rooted in style, comfort, and nature. Bialosky enjoyed this collaboration with SLATE Interior Studio and look forward to future projects together.

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