We were delighted to learn that Bialosky + Partners had been selected to receive a Northcoast 99 Award this year recognizing us as one of the best places to work in Northeast Ohio. It is further affirmation of what we have learned empirically: that our philosophy of work place empowerment and our culture of collaboration have succeeded in attracting and retaining extraordinary talent for our creative enterprise.   The Northcoast 99 committee discovered something in particular in our application that made Bialosky + Partners special.  Action Planning, the unique internally-driven workplace initiative in our firm, empowers 100 % of our employees to improve and energize our culture, workplace environment and resources, and professional development. A case study for this innovative process tells of its success in growing our firm, and the people within it. It has culminated in senior level advancement and the first ever intern-to-partner promotion in our 60 plus year history. We are very proud of “growing our own” and our clients tell us by their repeat business that they are very happy about it as well.   The business of architecture can be just that – a business. We’ve chosen another approach; we believe in a practice of inspiration and collaboration while balancing a client’s vision, project goals and design aspirations. While we lead with experience, we know the next great idea can come from anywhere, and often does. For our clients to believe in this, our employees have to believe it and live it first.  Anyone can “talk the talk”. It is very gratifying to receive recognition for doing our best to “walk the walk”.