We are delighted to share an expanded, detailed article by Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Steve Litt on our late founder’s early midcentury residences. Jack Bialosky, Sr.’s residences stand with “an earth-hugging humility, a serene clarity and a sense of restrained, quiet confidence.” Many of these residences were subsequently renovated by the firm over the years, even in a change of homeowners, to preserve their architectural character. The article shares insights from diverse generations of homeowners and what Jack, Sr.’s homes meant to them. 

In anticipation of the article, we created a simple map that curates his mid-century modern homes in Shaker Heights, OH. We are overjoyed to learn that since this map was published by cleveland.com, people have used it for walking tours and windshield tours. We share it again here for those looking for an uplifting outdoor architectural adventure.

Read the full article: "Appreciating the modernist houses of architect Jack Bialosky Sr.: space, light, and the quiet modesty of suburban Jewish assimilation" on cleveland.com.


See directions for Shaker Heights Driving Tour Part 1
See directions for Shaker Heights Driving Tour Part 2

*Residential Image by The Young Team

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