As one looks back through the six decades Bialosky + Partners Architects have been in business, you'll see how the times have shaped us and how we've shaped the times. Fast forward to today where, with much excitement, we launch our design blog. Consider this blog a worldwide round-table, with an aim to connect the practice of Bialosky + Partners Architects with architectural discourse. It's a fluid medium for the innovations, advances and enthusiasm in the evolving landscape of architecture, design, and the built environment. The designers from our office hold many passions and expertise,  so you can expect posts in the realms of new technologies, R&D, sustainability, events, current work, engineering, urban strategies, theory, practice,  landscape design, construction, interiors and beyond. If that isn't enough to entice, our guest bloggers will encourage an interdisciplinary approach, offering topics like graphic design and film, to fill out the whole rainbow of design. We created this blog not just for ourselves, but for the community, as a living/growing resource, so whether it's used as a digital library, an educational tool, or a source for design theory, take part and enjoy.