October 1, 2014

Meet Sai Sinbondit

If there is such a thing as the most interesting man in the world, Sai Sinbondit deserves serious consideration. A graduate of Syracuse University’s School of Architecture (MArch ’07) and the University of Toledo with honors in Painting and Printmaking (BFA ’04), Sai is the rare designer with a technical fine arts training. Sai's childhood experiences and background in art deeply influence his design sensibilities.


Drawing by Sai Sinbondit from "Between Thoughts… Notes on an Architecture of Development: Sai Sinbondit at William Busta Gallery, Jan 4-Feb 9 2013".[flickrvideo]

Born in Thailand, Sai emigrated with his family to the United States as a young child. After settling in a Mennonite community in Northwest Ohio, he proceeded to live various states around the county, before eventually returning to Ohio for college.  Additionally, before his art and design career Sai spent extensive time working for humanitarian NGO relief organizations around the world including UNICEF, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and USAID. Sai’s humanitarian relief work, which inspired him to be a designer, included work in countries such as Turkey, El Salvador, his native Thailand, India, France, Italy, and the Darfur region of what is now South Sudan. Sai's childhood experiences, travels and art background continue to shape his design approach. 

Refugee Camp in Darfur (South Sudan) taken in 2006 by Sai Sinbondit

Untitled ('12) Watercolor by Sai Sinbondit

Watch this video to learn more about Sai's background and design philosophies:


Sai’s work is interested in the relationships between people, culture, systems, technology, and the registration of time. By believing that architecture and art are not removed from politics, but rather are generators of change. Having exhibited nationally in museums and galleries, with numerous art works in private collections, Sai was honored to receive the 2011 Creative Workforce Fellowship form the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture. As an Adjunct Professor at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Sai teaches the next generation of designers and artists to think broader and bolder.

Let’s hear more from Sai:

Favorite building / space / place in Northeast Ohio?

South Bass Island Park

I really enjoy camping, fly fishing and being closing to the Great Lakes. Especially in the fall when the leaves are changing colors and everything is in a state of transition. It’s a very beautiful place and most importantly, quiet.

South Bass Island Beach, Ohio

Hidden Talent:

Kite making & Ice cream making.

I can make really good ice cream. I’m sure it probably has to do something with growing up across the road from a dairy farmer, who in the summer, I would go visit almost every day. Plus, I just enjoy eating it.

Kite making would be my other hidden talent. Not sure where that came from, almost remember making one out of odds and ends that were lying around…such as the doll clothes of my sisters.

Hobbies When You Are Off the Clock:

When possible, I enjoy fly-fishing, drawing and playing soccer. Other than drawing, I enjoy doing anything outside. From fly-fishing, playing soccer to working with Habitat for Humanity.

Your Alternate Reality Career:

Sai's Alternate Career would be being a first line responder to humanitarian crises around the world via the UN's HRD.

United Nations Frontline Responder. Enjoy leveraging my background and design training to help people in need. Also, enjoy being part of a larger conversation with different people, culture, places around the world.

Your Ideal Dinner with One Architect or Designer?

I know we’re supposed to pick one, but since this is ideal and I can’t decide, I’d sit down with both Edward Tufte and Neri Oxman from Mediated Matter at some remote beach in southern Thailand, sharing a large plate of calamari and beer.

The discussion would revolve around ideations, from process to materiality & fabrication technology and their capacities through design to influence social issues, such as globalization, humanitarian relief, customization of mass production, poverty, etc…

An Edward Tufte Classic

Neri Oxman is shown before a prototype for an environmental screen, Fibonacci’s Mashrabiya, work inspired by fractal patterns found in nature. Photo: Len Rubenstein

Bonus: Favorite designed object …let’s say back the beginning of 2013?

Anything that comes out of UNFOLD Design Studio, a small design group out of Oslo, Norway. The critical thinking and process that you can see through the work is wonderful.

Ceramic 3D Printed Objects designed and made by UNFOLD Design Studio

September 17, 2014

A Future Practice: Bialosky + Partners Lead Sessions at the 2014 AIA Ohio Convention!

AIA Ohio Convention 2014 Bialosky + Partners Architects

AIA Ohio Convention 2014 Bialosky + Partners Architects

This week, Bialosky + Partners Architects will lead sessions at the 2014 AIA Ohio Convention, in Kent, OH that tackle the theme of "A Future Practice".  Senior and Managing Principal Jack A. Bialosky, Jr.,  AIA, LEED AP and Principal David W. Craun, AIA, LEED AP are  jointly leading two sessions. Thursday’s Session, Action Planning For Firm Development will be facilitated by Jeffery Carmen, Management Consultant to the AEC industry. On Friday, Jack and David, along with Partner Aaron Hill AIA of Richard Fleischman + Partners Architects, and Principal Mike Schuster, FAIA, LEED AP of MSA Architects will be hosting a discussion titled It Takes A Village to Raise A Partner. Finally, Designer and Business Development Director Theodore Ferringer, Assoc. AIA, LEED Assoc., is leading a session on Thursday with designer Michael Christoff, Assoc. AIA, of Vocon and Project Manager Angela Jayjack Assoc. AIA, LEED AP of the General Services Administration, titled Empowering Emerging Professionals & Non-Traditional Practitioners: Lessons Learned  From AIA Cleveland.

We hope to see you there!

See details regarding the convention and the individual sessions below:

About the 2014 AIA Ohio Convention:

AIA Ohio, in collaboration with host chapters AIA Eastern Ohio and AIA Akron will be hosting the 2014 AIA Ohio convention at Kent State University on September 18 - 20, 2014. Working together with members of the profession from throughout Ohio, this years convention will be the first time that AIA Ohio has worked to bring its annual convention to the site of one of the states architectural programs.

This years theme, "A Future Practice" focuses on careers, business and practice opportunities for those who are just entering the architectural profession as well as long time practitioners looking for ways to change their existing practices.  Centered out of the Kent State Hotel and Conference Center, the convention will focus on the connection of practice to the academy as the profession is redesigned.

Thursday, Sept. 18: 1:00 - 2:15pm at Dix Ballroom, KSU

Action Planning For Firm Development

Too much time spent working in the business and not enough spent on the business can leave a firm stagnant and unable to compete. Generational changes and new technologies are not only changing how we produce architecture, but the business of architecture itself. This session reflects on how leadership can successfully plan for the changing landscape of practice, creating opportunities for innovation and growth, while still getting the job done. This session is primarily focused on mid to large size firms. Jeffery Carmen, Management Consultant to the AEC industry will lead this session, explaining the trends, hurdles, opportunities to both the business and practice of architecture. With over 35 years of experience, Carmen has helped many define and achieve success on their terms. With a belief that "industry standard metrics" perpetuate mediocrity, Jeffrey will explain how to plan for action without falling into usual solutions. Joining Jeffery will be Bialosky + Partners Architects Managing Principal, Jack Bialosky, Jr., and the firm's youngest Principal, David W. Craun. They will share BPA's recent Action Planning strategy which has transformed such things as work environment, branding and messaging, and young leadership that has pushed the firm to never before seen successes.

Thursday, Sept. 18: 2:30 - 3:45pm at McGilvery Ballroom, KSU

Empowering Emerging Professionals & Non-Traditional Practitioners: Lessons Learned From AIA Cleveland

2014-09-16_AIA_Empowering Emerging Professionals & Non-Traditional Practitioners COVER IMAGE

Organizations throughout the county are evaluating how they engage the generations they serve. With an average member age of 50 and 40% of members retiring in the next 10 years, AIA is at a particularly sensitive and exciting time as it evaluates its relationship with Emerging Professionals (EP) and those on non-traditional career paths. In response to this context, AIA is proactively responding to evolving membership needs through the Repositioning Initiative. This session will showcase engagement and programming lessons learned by the AIA Cleveland Associates Committee; a committee organized by a series of Associate Directors who recognized the importance of engaging EP's and non-traditional career path professionals in the organization. This panel will engage the audience in discussing: How can EP's and associates become valuable resources for AIA as outreach into the community, positioning components as leaders within the community? How can increased EP and associate participation help address the diversity gap found in most chapters? What value does AIA participation by EP's and associates have for firms? We shall discuss these questions and more in this moderated panel discussion, sharing the replicable model that AIA Cleveland has recently developed to engage and empower EP and associate members.

Friday, Sept. 19: 9:00am - 10:15am at McGilvery Ballroom, KSU 

It Takes A Village To Raise A Partner

2014-AIA_Session_It_Takes_A_Village_FINAL 1

A roundtable discussion will allow participants to examine the road to Partnership as one that requires equal ownership of the process by both older and newer leaders of the firm. This model of shared ownership asks experienced Partners to strategize in growing and harvesting the next generation of leadership together with future firm leaders. A culture of empowerment and self-driven responsibility proves to be the soil for emerging practitioners (EPs) to not only bloom, but to take roots in the firm. From the EP side, the session explores how to emerge as a partner in a fashion that fits him/her personally. Managing Partner of Bialosky + Partners Architects, Jack A. Bialosky, Jr, AIA, LEED AP, will host this roundtable with David W. Craun, AIA, LEED AP, who made history when he earned the first intern-to-partner promotion in the firm. Mike Schuster, FAIA, LEED AP, Founding Principal of MSA Architects and AIA Ohio Immediate Past President and Aaron Hill, AIA, Partner at Richard Fleischman + Partners Architects and AIA Cleveland President-Elect will join other architects at various career milestones from around the state to join the discussion.

May 20, 2014

Help Benefit The Gathering Place At The 2014 Race For The Place!

Support Team Bialosky in the 2014 Race For The Place to benefit The Gathering Place here: http://thegatheringplace.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1104053&lis=1&kntae1104053=32C0778DD4BC41E5ABBD393AB919AB5F&team=5927802 Bialosky + Partners Architects co-workers and their families will be participating in the annual “RACE FOR THE PLACE” on Sunday June 1.  This is an annual 5K Race/1 mile Walk held at Beachwood Place benefiting the Gathering Place.  The Gathering Place is a Northeast Ohio based non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to offer support for anyone affected by cancer.  Their mission provides programs and services that focus on the emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of people with cancer as well as their support network of family and friends.  All services are 100% free of charge. Programs include cancer support groups, resource libraries and support staff, tai chi and yoga classes, nutritional classes, art and massage therapies, a large wig salon and an extensive array of children’s programs. In order to do this, the Gathering Place holds a series of fundraising events throughout the year, but none is bigger or brings in more funding than the RACE! Last year Bialosky’s Team, which was over 20 strong, raised over $7400 – help us top that number!

While Not Recommended, The Race Can Be Completed Using Stilts.

The RACE is held on the first Sunday in June, which is National Cancer Survivors Day. Event Details:  http://www.touchedbycancer.org/support-us/racefortheplace/

The Race For The Place Is Fun For All Ages!

Bialosky involvement with the Gathering Place started in 2000, designing their Beachwood location with landscape architect Virgina Burt. We continue to support The Gathering Place through with architecture services and other resources.  Bialosky staff has grown very close to the amazing Gathering Place staff over the years and consider them our friends and family.  We are excited to take part in their annual fundraiser and hope to raise a considerable donation!  Please feel free to either join our team for this year’s RACE or make a one-time donation.  Your donation goes directly to programs and resources that support their mission.  You can follow the following link to our team website: http://thegatheringplace.kintera.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1104053&lis=1&kntae1104053=32C0778DD4BC41E5ABBD393AB919AB5F&team=5927802

What Is A Great Event Without Food Trucks?!

Team Bialosky at The 2013 Race For The Place

May 16, 2014

Hope Rising at Rooms to Let: CLE

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 17th, an installation created by a team from Bialosky + Partners Architects will be on display as part of Slavic Village’s Rooms to Let: CLE. Rooms to Let is a collaborative art project led by the Slavic Village Development and Zygote Press in which three abandoned houses, struck hard by the foreclosure crisis, are transformed for one day into canvases for community artists. Inspired by a similar project in Columbus, Rooms to Let aims to bring attention to the issues surrounding the foreclosure crisis in Cleveland as well as act as catalyst for community involvement in Slavic Village.


Each of the three houses involved were curated by an artist that lives or works in the community—Wesleigh Harper and Michael Horton of MAKER Office, Barbara Bachtelll, Director of Broadway School of Music and the Arts, and Scott Pickering, graphic designer and multi-media artist. The house containing BPA’s installation was curated by MAKER Studio and also includes work from architect and visual artist Allison Lukacsy, artist Michael Loderstedt, as well and an exterior installation by MAKER themselves.

6626 Forman Ave

6626 Forman Ave

Hope Rising is the transformation of six rooms in an abandoned house in Slavic Village as a symbolic progression from tragedy to recovery.  The project explores the stages of grief associated with the trauma of foreclosure. It achieves this through the experience of ascension through the house from entry to attic as an act of moving through these stages into a better place. For our team, the idea loosely follows the complex, highly layered history of the house from its former life, to this temporary intervention and towards the eventual rehabilitation.

Rooms To Let Plan + Concept Diagram (Click to enlarge)

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

The theme for each of the transitional spaces follows the five stages of grief identified by the Swiss psychologist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross that patients often experience when given a terminal prognosis.  These include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  The sixth and final space is symbolic of a breakthrough or next chapter in the story of an individual, family, or community and is inspired by the fleeting moments often experienced between dreaming and waking.  We explored these complex themes with visual, tactile and audio sensory triggers including color progression, lighting levels, themed music, placed objects, space compression, and suggested interactions including crawling, sitting, and climbing.

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

This project is a means to discuss and consider wider issues of foreclosure, abandonment, population loss, and how to redevelop our neighborhoods without losing their memories and histories. Our collective goal, through the Rooms to Let: CLE! exhibit, is for the community to view a home's abandonment, not as a permanent situation, but rather as a temporary state that holds endless possibilities and the promise of a bright future.

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising is a collaboration by architects and designers at Bialosky + Partners Architects lead by David Craun and Ted Ferringer along with Hallie DelVillan, Brad Valtman, Chelsey Finnimore, and others under the curatorial oversight of Westleigh Harper and Mike Horton of Maker Office along with two additional interior artists, Allison Lukacsy and Michael Loderstedt. Funding was provided in part by Bialosky + Partners Architects, the Slavic Village Development Corporation, and donations by co-workers, friends and family. Rooms to Let: CLE takes place Saturday, May 17th from 1–6pm in Slavic Village. 6628 Sebert Ave. 6626 Forman Ave. 6818 Fleet Ave

April 24, 2014

Jill Christoff and Ted Ferringer named Top 25 under 35 in Northeast Ohio

Bialosky + Partners is very proud to announce that both Jill Christoff and Ted Ferringer have been awarded the 2014 Northeast Ohio Top 25 Under 35 Movers & Shakers Award by the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club.  At a reception last month, Jill and Ted were recognized for their efforts in the office as well as in the civic and philanthropic realms.  The 20/30 Club is the largest and longest-running young professional group in Northeast Ohio and has recognized over 200 young professionals with this award over the last 8 years.  "Every year, the recipients and their contributions are more impressive and inspiring than the last year.  We're proud to bring this diverse and deserving group together to honor their achievements and help connect YPs and others with the region's current and future leaders," said Lindsey Polichuck, President of the Cleveland Professional 20/30 Club of this year's entire class of recipients.   After graduating with her Master's in Architecture from Notre Dame University in 2009, Jill began to reinvest herself in Cleveland; actively involving herself wherever she believed in the mission of the organization and where she could make an impact.  Over the last few years, she has been consistently involved in volunteering with the AIA Cleveland chapter, organizing various lectures, tours, and developing programming for other young professionals and was awarded with the Emerging Practitioner Award this past year.  She has volunteered for PechaKucha since 2008, involving herself in almost every aspect of production of these popular events including fundraising, marketing, and photo-documenting.  Jill has been teaching an Interior Design studio at Kent State University's CAED for the past few years, helping students learn necessary skills for the profession as well as mentoring them and helping lead them into the professional world.  Jill has volunteered her time after hours to help organize Bialosky + Partner's CANstruction efforts for the past few years, raising over $10,000 in canned food donated to the Greater Cleveland Foodbank in the last two years alone.   Ted is an active member of the community and actively volunteers his time supporting a number of local and regional causes.  He is a founding member of the Edgewater Hill Victory Garden community garden, Bike Cleveland Advocacy Committee Member, and co-lead planner of Park (ing) Day Cleveland, an annual open-source global event in which citizens, artists, and activists collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into temporary public places.  Ted has served locally with AIA Cleveland as co-chair of the Associates committee and the Director of Community Outreach, resulting in his Activism Award at this past year's AIA Cleveland Design Awards.  He is currently the Regional Associate Director for the entire Ohio Valley Region serving on the National Associates Committee.  Ted has volunteered his time to help Bialosky + Partners earn Honorable Mention in the COLDSCAPES competition with the submission "GLOW" and pro bono work for Bike Cleveland, leading planning and design for "The Midway", a conceptual proposal for a separated cycle track network in Cleveland that re-uses right-of-ways from the city's former streetcar network.   We are very proud of all the work that Jill and Ted have done, both to serve our clients and to serve our community! [slideshow_deploy id='2703']