May 18, 2015

Bialosky / Ohio Desk Team Wins People’s Choice Award at Product Runway

Event Newstand

Event Newstand

It took six designers three months of planning and countless hours of creating, but the Bialosky + Partners / Ohio Desk team took home the People’s Choice Award at the IIDA Cleveland Akron hosted Product Runway 2015!


Our team, consisting of Mandisa Gosa (Bialosky + Partners), Sandy Weigel (Bialosky + Partners), Jen Hlavin (Bialosky + Partners), Raina Hooper (Ohio Desk), Maria Asser (Ohio Desk) and model Hallie DelVillan (Bialosky + Partners), competed against an astonishing 27 rival teams at Product Runway held at the Cleveland Museum of Art on Friday, May 1st. Our team worked with manufacturer representatives Donna DeCarlo (Ohio Desk), Stephen Stefancin (Coalesse) and Duane Cardamone (Designtex) – without their support none of this would have been possible!

PowerPoint Presentation

Our inspiration board - 1960s Modern inspired by wireframe furniture and bold colors of the era.


The final Bialosky + Partners | Ohio Desk design on the Runway!

Our Final Design, inspired by both the historic location of this year’s event and the 60’s Mod fashion era, had the primary objective of creating something that mixed the past ideas of 60’s Mod with today’s fashion trends. We selected an array of textiles in bright, eye catching colors like magenta, yellow and teal from our sponsor, Designtex. Our design also featured an indoor/outdoor stool seat from Coalesse called the Emu Re-Trouvé Pouf. Not only was this furniture piece funky and creative, it was also very appropriate as the design of the stool was inspired by the meeting of the present and the past: nostalgic design from the fifties with its curls and spirals combined with modern production.  We also had several accessories including an intricate necklace consisting of hand-made fabric beads.

It was an exciting event (and a great party!), with over 1,000 people in the atrium at Cleveland Museum of Art to see all the designs. See the gallery on Facebook here, and to see all the fun that went on in the Photobooth before the show - click here.



We also had Mariel Hemingway in the house as our celebrity judge!

The Plain Dealer covered the story over the weekend - featuring our design! - Plain Dealer Article

Congrats again to all of the winners & Thanks to all that came to support our team!!

The Winner's Circle, with Best of Show in the Center!

The Winner's Circle, with Best of Show in the Center!

February 2, 2015

CANstruction Season is Here!

Bialosky + Partners Architects (BPA) is excited to once again participate in this year’s Cleveland 2015 Canstruction Design/Build competition, which benefits the Cleveland Foodbank during their Harvest for Hunger Campaign. Canstruction, a national charity of the design and construction industry created by the Society of Design Administration, is devoted to increasing public perception of hunger through gallery-style sculpture of canned goods in public locations. (Below please find photos of BPA structures from previous years.)

With the help of our sponsors last year:

  • BPA raised a total of $5,750!
  • Our sculpture included over 6,900 canned goods, all of which have been donated to the Cleveland Foodbank.
  • Constructing our sculpture took 4 hours & 14 team members
  • For the second year in a row, our team’s sculpture, “The Hollywood Hills”, was given the title “Can-Spirit” for most amount of cans and team enthusiasm!

Last year's Canstruction took us to Hollywood!

As always we would like to go above and beyond our goals from previous years and aim for a sculpture that consists of 7,000+ cans (or raise approx. $6,000)! We respectfully request your support for this important Cleveland event with a donation of $250-500 as a company or $50.00 as an individual. However, your generosity at any amount will be greatly appreciated as we try and reach our goal. Your contributions will be recognized on signage next to our sculpture during the exhibit and featured in our BPA Cleveland Design Blog (  Please follow the link below to place a donation to help us build our structure!

Donate Button with Credit Cards

This year's theme is "Childhood Board Games" and our sculpture will be on display beginning March 20th. We kindly request any assistance you could provide by Monday, March 2, 2015.

Please accept our gratitude for your time, thought, and consideration. We look forward to the potential collaboration with you for this charitable event.

Thank you to last year's sponsors!

May 16, 2014

Hope Rising at Rooms to Let: CLE

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 17th, an installation created by a team from Bialosky + Partners Architects will be on display as part of Slavic Village’s Rooms to Let: CLE. Rooms to Let is a collaborative art project led by the Slavic Village Development and Zygote Press in which three abandoned houses, struck hard by the foreclosure crisis, are transformed for one day into canvases for community artists. Inspired by a similar project in Columbus, Rooms to Let aims to bring attention to the issues surrounding the foreclosure crisis in Cleveland as well as act as catalyst for community involvement in Slavic Village.


Each of the three houses involved were curated by an artist that lives or works in the community—Wesleigh Harper and Michael Horton of MAKER Office, Barbara Bachtelll, Director of Broadway School of Music and the Arts, and Scott Pickering, graphic designer and multi-media artist. The house containing BPA’s installation was curated by MAKER Studio and also includes work from architect and visual artist Allison Lukacsy, artist Michael Loderstedt, as well and an exterior installation by MAKER themselves.

6626 Forman Ave

6626 Forman Ave

Hope Rising is the transformation of six rooms in an abandoned house in Slavic Village as a symbolic progression from tragedy to recovery.  The project explores the stages of grief associated with the trauma of foreclosure. It achieves this through the experience of ascension through the house from entry to attic as an act of moving through these stages into a better place. For our team, the idea loosely follows the complex, highly layered history of the house from its former life, to this temporary intervention and towards the eventual rehabilitation.

Rooms To Let Plan + Concept Diagram (Click to enlarge)

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

The theme for each of the transitional spaces follows the five stages of grief identified by the Swiss psychologist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross that patients often experience when given a terminal prognosis.  These include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  The sixth and final space is symbolic of a breakthrough or next chapter in the story of an individual, family, or community and is inspired by the fleeting moments often experienced between dreaming and waking.  We explored these complex themes with visual, tactile and audio sensory triggers including color progression, lighting levels, themed music, placed objects, space compression, and suggested interactions including crawling, sitting, and climbing.

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

This project is a means to discuss and consider wider issues of foreclosure, abandonment, population loss, and how to redevelop our neighborhoods without losing their memories and histories. Our collective goal, through the Rooms to Let: CLE! exhibit, is for the community to view a home's abandonment, not as a permanent situation, but rather as a temporary state that holds endless possibilities and the promise of a bright future.

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising is a collaboration by architects and designers at Bialosky + Partners Architects lead by David Craun and Ted Ferringer along with Hallie DelVillan, Brad Valtman, Chelsey Finnimore, and others under the curatorial oversight of Westleigh Harper and Mike Horton of Maker Office along with two additional interior artists, Allison Lukacsy and Michael Loderstedt. Funding was provided in part by Bialosky + Partners Architects, the Slavic Village Development Corporation, and donations by co-workers, friends and family. Rooms to Let: CLE takes place Saturday, May 17th from 1–6pm in Slavic Village. 6628 Sebert Ave. 6626 Forman Ave. 6818 Fleet Ave

July 30, 2013

Bialosky + Partners Receives Honorable Mention in the 2013 COLDSCAPES Competition!

"COLDSCAPES: New Visions for Cold Weather Cities" is a multi-disciplinary design competition that encourages artists, architects, landscape architects, and urban designers to explore the exciting and untapped potential of cold climate cities. The competition is organized by Kent State University's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC). Over 80 registrants participated in the 2013 COLDSCAPES Competition in its inaugural year, with submissions received from 15 U.S. cities and 13 countries spanning a wide range of cold (and warm) weather climates.

Bialosky + Partners Architects' submission for the 2013 Coldscapes Competition, titled GLOW, proposes iconic inhabitable relics to be built on Lake Erie.

PROJECT NARRATIVE GLOW ignites new poetic relationships between lake, city, and the rhythm of the seasons. A seasonal relic, GLOW engages the Lake Erie break wall, mediating the domestic (city side) and wild (north of the break-wall) sides of the lake, creating an infrastructure for cultures to develop that leverage the latency of water as public space – in both solid and liquid states. GLOW activates this linear infrastructure creating new experiences of the lake all year. Ramps bring users to an elevated deck that allows one to view and be viewed. The structures skin is inspired by the break-wall’s texture that becomes coated each winter by the crashing waves of Lake Erie. Inhabitable house-like (GLOW)bes hover still higher, creating an otherworldly, ethereal experience. The break-wall is a segmented lily-pad network by summer. In winter, when the lake freezes, the system becomes whole. This encourages engagement with the lake through skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, hiking, etc., to transverse the path and create their own way to engage with GLOW. An open canvas, GLOW is activated by each season uniquely, encouraging new cultures and economies in a non-prescriptive manner, providing the elements to awaken latent uses of one of our most important resources– water.

Inside a SNOW(GLOW)BE on Lake Erie.

Bialosky + Partners Architects' submission GLOW, which proposed building captivating structures on Lake Erie, received one of ten Honorable Mentions. The three winning entries and ten honorable mentions were selected by a jury comprised of leaders in a range of design fields, including architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and public art. These entries will be on exhibit in Cleveland in November 2013, and published in Volume 6 of the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative’s Urban Infill journal series, focused on advancing the design of urban environments for winter weather. Leaders of the GLOW submission included David Craun, Hallie DelVillan, Theodore Ferringer, and Michael Abrahamson (University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture; pre-PhD program, History/Theory of Architecture), and would not be possible without the hard work of Nathanael Dunn, Dave Berlekamp, Nick Dilisio, Andrew Vichosky, and Zach Anderson (Kent State University CAED).

The engagement of GLOW with the lake's break-wall to create an iconic network that connects City and Lake.


March 25, 2013

Bialosky + Partners Wins a Title at Cleveland Canstruction!

The Bialosky + Partners Architects CANstruction team would like to thank our sponsors for their generous donations.  Thanks to their help we were able to raise over $4,500 and purchase over 5,500 cans of food to donate to the Cleveland Foodbank during their Harvest for Hunger Campaign!

Freshly loaded off of the Uhaul, Bialosky's can-count was the highest among the teams with 5,500+ cans of food for Harvest for Hunger.

Freshly loaded off of the truck, Bialosky's can-count was the highest among the teams with 5,500+ cans of food for Harvest for Hunger.

With this year’s theme of “Cleveland Rocks”, our team created a can replica of the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) – the newest architectural “gem” in Cleveland.  Architecture and monuments circling around culture become precious rocks in our region- buildings such as MOCA renew and unite Cleveland. It’s these attitudes that are the “meat and potatoes” in fighting hunger. Luckily, this 5,500+ can structure has not only meat chili, and white potatoes, but also a variety of vegetables, organic black beans, tuna, pork & beans, and beef stew.

[vimeo width="600" height="400"][/vimeo]

The BPA team was awarded the term “Can-Spirit” by the judges for the most enthusiasm and most cans donated by a single team.


The Museum of Contemporary Art created by the 5,500 cans Bialosky raised. You can view all the designs at the Beachwood Place Mall through April 6th.

Bialosky + Partners Architects Cleveland Canstruction Design

Bialosky Announces Transition Plan