July 19, 2016

Seven Planning Principles For Successful Community Design

Recently our friends at CEOs For Cities asked Jack Bialosky, Jr., AIA, LEED AP, Senior Principal, and David W. Craun, AIA, LEED AP. Principal and Director of Design to discuss the planning principles that Bialosky Cleveland utilizes for successful community design. The series provides standards that apply to all types and all sizes of projects—from residential to institutional—interior to urban planning.

Want to learn more? Read the series at the following links:

Seven Planning Principles for Successful Community Design

  1. The Grid
  2. Small Blocks
  3. No Backs
  4. On Foot
  5. To Dwell
  6. Mixed Up
  7. Simplify

Want to dig even deeper? Join Jack and David for a free webinar Wednesday, July 20 at 2 p.m. EST, where they will expand on these principles, providing inspiration that can be applied to a number of placemaking projects!

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June 2, 2015

Edgewater Beach House Design Progress to be Unveiled at Ward 15 Community Meeting

What: Ward 15 Community Meeting

When: Thursday June 4th, 2015 6pm to 8pm

Where: Louisa May Alcott Elementary School

Remember the Cleveland Metroparks Edgewater Beach House project? While things have been quiet publically, our team has been hard at work on its design! We have incorporated many ideas that were received at a series of public meetings in early December on the Cleveland Metroparks Lakefront Reservation planning and from the MindMixer project page! If interested you in learning more, please attend the Ward 15 Community Meeting, this Thursday June 4th from 6pm to 8pm at Louisa May Alcott School at 10308 Baltic Road.
More details:

Please join Councilman Matt Zone, Cudell Inc. and Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization for a special meeting to learn details about the upcoming improvements and reconstruction for the West Shoreway. Representatives from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will be in attendance, along with Great Lakes Construction, the contractor for the project to answer questions and address concerns stakeholders may have.In addition, representatives from the Cleveland Metroparks will be updating the community on the construction and timeline of the new roundabout and bathhouse/restaurant at lower Edgewater Park.We will also update the community on the Shoppes on Clifton project.There are so many exciting projects slated to begin this summer in our community, please plan on attending this important meeting to get all the details!

If you're a facebook user, you may RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/702273333216811/

For information about the West Shoreway reconstruction see ODOT's project page here: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/projects/ClevelandUrbanCoreProjects/LakefrontWest/Pages/default.aspx

December 11, 2014

Meet Jon Spring and Julie Whyte

We’re a bit belated in welcoming two new hires to our growing team, Jon Spring and Julie Whyte.

jon spring_BW

Adding Jon Spring (BArch ’10) creates our fifth pair of name duplicates in the office. But seriously, Jon is a double. While he has an identical twin in South Korea, Jon grew up here in America, in McLean, VA which is right outside Washington, DC. He worked there at RUST | ORLING Architecture, on office interior fit-outs and new base-buildings. Now that Jon has taken hold of some of Bialosky + Partners projects, he’s gained a bit of a reputation as one of our speediest CAD drafters. It has led us to believe that, in another life, Jon was a rugged cattle rancher with the quickest draw in the West.

Jon Spring in a previous life. His reputation in the office as one of the speediest draftsmen naturally leads us to believe he was once a quick-drawing cowboy.

Jon Spring in a previous life. His reputation in the office as one of the speediest draftsmen naturally leads us to believe he was once a quick-drawing cowboy.

Trained at Carnegie Mellon, Jon graduated with a five-year Bachelor of Architecture, peppered with semester internships with Burt Hill. He can also add collegiate swimmer to his resume. Jon enjoyed his time as a student in Pittsburgh, and now looks forward to life in Cleveland, residing in the Cedar-Fairmount neighborhood.

Jon's answers to some of our favorite get-to-know-you questions:

Your Alternate Reality Career:  Being a roller coaster designer would be awesome and definitely validate the countless hours I spent playing roller coaster tycoon as a kid.

The City You Would Most Like To Visit: Even though I hate crowds, I really want to visit Tokyo someday.

If given a ticket to anywhere, Jon would fly to Tokyo (image from Wikipedia / Cors).

If given a ticket to anywhere, Jon would fly to Tokyo (image from Wikipedia / Cors).

Hidden Talent: I make a pretty good guac, if I do say so.

Favorite Designed Object / Project of 2014 :  The ZEB pilot House by Snohetta.

Your Ideal Dinner With One Architect or Designer:  It’d be fun to talk with James Timberlake at Ikea and over Ikea meatballs, about mass customization of architecture.

Julie Whyte (MArch, MUD ’12) adds great muscle to the firm's urban design chops. Her work ranges all scales and forms - from regional planning to alluring skeletal sculptures. Before joining us at Bialosky + Partners, Julie wrapped up her Post-Graduate Fellowship at the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. As this program started with Julie, she was fortunate to mold the position- balancing practice, research, and mentorship to the CUDC's students. As part of the CUDC staff, she worked directly with the residents of 2100 Lakeside Men's Shelter to design and implement a garden in the vacant lot  adjacent to the shelter.

Team Up To Clean Up-2

Julie leading the Team Up to Clean Up event, where the neighborhood was invited to 2100 Lakeside's Men's Shelter for a picnic and a day of volunteerism to make their garden a reality.

It's important to add that Julie is a violinist and pianist, and is in good company with many fellow musicians in our office. We're waiting for the album that features her talents, along with the honorable Bialosky whistling trio. She is quickly approaching her wedding date, where she will assume the surname Roberts, in which case  we'll all have to fight the urge to call her Julia.

We asked Julie the same questions, and actually got one identical answer to Jon's!

Your Alternate Reality Career: A writer/researcher.

The City You Would Most Like To Visit: Tokyo – I have never been to Asia and would love to explore it.

Hidden Talent: Playing piano and dabbling in musical composition.

Favorite Designed Object / Project of 2014: Field Operation’s Urban Metabolism research project [for the 2014 Rotterdam Biennale].

Your Ideal Dinner With One Architect /Designer:  Adriaan Geuze of West 8 Landscape Architects; coffee at an outdoor café in Rotterdam; I would pick his brain about the design culture of Northern Europe and his Borneo-Sporenburg project.

Bonus: Your Ideal Dinner With One Non-Architect /Designer: I would have chianti with Ludovico Einaudi at the Piazza della Santa Croce in Florence. I would ask him about his process for composing music and we’d discuss how this process compares to the design process.

A beautiful setting for Julie to share a glass of wine with composer

A beautiful setting for Julie to share a glass of wine with composer Ludovico Einaudi.

January 24, 2014

Theodore Ferringer Awarded Bike Cleveland’s 2013 Guardian of Transportation Award!

Bialosky + Partners' own Theodore Ferringer , Assoc. AIA has been bestowed with the 2013 Guardian Transportation Award in recognition of the time and talent contributed to Bike Cleveland in 2013.

Theodore Ferringer of Bialosky + Partners awarded Guardian of Transportation 2013 by Bike Cleveland for The Midway

Theodore receiving his medal on-stage from Bike Cleveland Executive Director Jacob Van Sickle.

No one told Theodore ahead of time; he just showed up to the Bike Cleveland Annual Meeting at The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern as planned, and was surprised with a very fragile translucent medallion engraved with the Guardians of Transportation - the giants that stand on the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge . Theodore wears the medallion like a an Olympic Gold Medalist when he's at the office after-hours for his second-wind.

Bike Cleveland Guardian of Transportation Award 2013 Theodore Ferringer

The medal bestowed to Theodore last week!

Now, for the work behind the award- Theodore has led Bialosky + Partners in the design and planning of "The Midway", a planning proposal generated on a pro-bono basis, that imagines Greater Cleveland and its neighborhoods threaded together by a user-friendly bike network.

A conceptual rendering of "The Midway", which activates the abandoned 20th century streetcar network for 21st century bicyclists

The Midway will soon be launching an informational website with a deeper outline of the proposal - to re-use abandoned right-of-ways from Cleveland's former streetcar network to form an approximately 70 to 100 mile separated cycle track network throughout Cleveland. This project is currently as aspiration conceptual design planning project, which is in addition the city of Cleveland's commitment to add over 70 miles of bikeways to the city's cycling infrastructure network by 2017. Congratulations to Theodore, the rest of the supporting BPA team, and the other winners - fellow committee member and traffic engineer Melissa Thompson, and Ben Stewart. Congratulations! Bialosky + Partners is proud to be a supporting Bike Cleveland, as they work on building livable communities by promoting all forms of cycling and advocating for the rights and equality of the cycling community. To learn about Bike Cleveland's annual meeting, see their recap here: http://www.bikecleveland.org/2014/01/20/bike-cleveland-annual-meeting-recap/ To see a great recap of Bike Cleveland's recent accomplishments for 2013 click here: http://www.bikecleveland.org/2013/12/31/bike-cleveland-2013-accomplishments/ Interested in becoming a member? Click here: http://bikecleveland.memberlodge.org/

December 17, 2013

401 Lofts

Young professional Akronites are filling the newly opened upscale apartments of 401 Lofts, in Downtown Akron, OH. Named for its address, 401 S. Main Street, the contemporary loft apartment building boasts walkable urban living in the same fashion of “22 Exchange”, its neighboring sister-building that houses Akron University Students. The two buildings, both designed by Bialosky + Partners for client Richland Properties, have started to visibly spark a new vibrancy of Akron’s downtown, and has in turn, become a highly desired location to live, work and play.

Exterior View of 401 Lofts in downtown Akron, Ohio. Designed by Bialosky + Partners Architects. Photography By Scott Pease Photography.

Comprised of predominantly Studio and 2 Bedroom lofts with a handful of 3 and 4 bedroom units, 401 Lofts has spacious floor to ceiling windows, hardwood floors, and 9’ or higher ceilings to achieve the “loft” feel.

View of a typical studio unit of 401 Lofts in downtown Akron, Ohio. Designed by Bialosky + Partners Architects. Photography By Scott Pease Photography.

The ground floor of 401 Lofts activates the site with 4300SF of amenities in its clubhouse, including a game/billiards room, lounge, coffee bar, fitness center, 24-hour tanning bed, and additionally outdoor swimming pool and deck.

Ground floor common space in 401 Lofts in downtown Akron, Ohio. Designed by Bialosky + Partners Architects. Photography By Scott Pease Photography.

Now for the design challenge: to achieve the client’s suite / bed count for 401 Lofts, the building required an additional story of apartments above the 4 story building base (totaling 5 stories). To stay on budget, wood frame construction fit the bill, but the framing system can only be employed on buildings totaling 4 stories or less. The solution? A hybrid system of ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms) that provides for a noncombustible exterior wall construction and the needed fire rating , while still allowing wood frame construction for the building interior. Imagine ICFs as giant, EPS foam Legos which add a tremendous R value (R-22) to improve the building’s thermal performance. This naturally cuts the client’s anticipated utility bill significantly.

Construction photo of 401 Lofts in downtown Akron, Ohio, featuring the ICF walls system. Designed by Bialosky + Partners Architects.

This hybrid wall construction, coupled with energy-efficient, thermally broken aluminum windows and energy-efficient PTAC heating and cooling units (which have the ability to be monitored by building management) collectively work in harmony to deliver an energy-conscious design.

Exterior View of 401 Lofts in downtown Akron, Ohio. Designed by Bialosky + Partners Architects. Photography By Scott Pease Photography.

The sheer length of the building is quite breathtaking – at 330’, the façade could very easily become monolithic. By taking advantage of the tapering site (north to south), the building steps at strategic intervals driven by the standard ICF sizes, reducing the need for field modifications and custom fabrication.  401 Lofts is clad in a Tuscan brick, fiber cement lap siding and champagne-colored metallic panels that fluctuate in their color based on viewing angle. By exhibiting the street names in raised steel panel lettering at the building corners, we rooted the building to its place and (geo)graphically related the building its adjacent sibling, 22 Exchange.

Exterior View of 401 Lofts in downtown Akron, Ohio. Designed by Bialosky + Partners Architects. Photography By Scott Pease Photography.

ARCHITECT:  Bialosky + Partners, LLC INTERIOR DESIGNER:  Kathy Andrews Interiors (Houston, Texas) STRUCTURAL, CIVIL AND LANDSCAPE ENGINEERING: Thorson Baker Associates MEP ENGINEER: TES Engineering SURVEYING: L.V. Surveying, Inc. CONSTRUCTION COST: approx. $12 million

Bialosky Announces Transition Plan