Bialosky + Partners' own Theodore Ferringer , Assoc. AIA has been bestowed with the 2013 Guardian Transportation Award in recognition of the time and talent contributed to Bike Cleveland in 2013.

Theodore Ferringer of Bialosky + Partners awarded Guardian of Transportation 2013 by Bike Cleveland for The Midway

Theodore receiving his medal on-stage from Bike Cleveland Executive Director Jacob Van Sickle.

No one told Theodore ahead of time; he just showed up to the Bike Cleveland Annual Meeting at The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern as planned, and was surprised with a very fragile translucent medallion engraved with the Guardians of Transportation - the giants that stand on the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge . Theodore wears the medallion like a an Olympic Gold Medalist when he's at the office after-hours for his second-wind.

Bike Cleveland Guardian of Transportation Award 2013 Theodore Ferringer

The medal bestowed to Theodore last week!

Now, for the work behind the award- Theodore has led Bialosky + Partners in the design and planning of "The Midway", a planning proposal generated on a pro-bono basis, that imagines Greater Cleveland and its neighborhoods threaded together by a user-friendly bike network.

A conceptual rendering of "The Midway", which activates the abandoned 20th century streetcar network for 21st century bicyclists

The Midway will soon be launching an informational website with a deeper outline of the proposal - to re-use abandoned right-of-ways from Cleveland's former streetcar network to form an approximately 70 to 100 mile separated cycle track network throughout Cleveland. This project is currently as aspiration conceptual design planning project, which is in addition the city of Cleveland's commitment to add over 70 miles of bikeways to the city's cycling infrastructure network by 2017. Congratulations to Theodore, the rest of the supporting BPA team, and the other winners - fellow committee member and traffic engineer Melissa Thompson, and Ben Stewart. Congratulations! Bialosky + Partners is proud to be a supporting Bike Cleveland, as they work on building livable communities by promoting all forms of cycling and advocating for the rights and equality of the cycling community. To learn about Bike Cleveland's annual meeting, see their recap here: To see a great recap of Bike Cleveland's recent accomplishments for 2013 click here: Interested in becoming a member? Click here: