May 3, 2021

How We Can Help: Building Your Return to Office Guide

As a team of collaborative designers, returning to the physical office is of great importance to us. While we have been productive while working from home, we know that our greatest work happens when we are in the same room collaborating and sharing ideas.

We are sharing this plan as a model and resource for other organizations. At its core, Bialosky Cleveland believes in collaboration with our clients, employees, and peers. We believe sharing our plan with others is in the best interest of the global community. We want to lead by example, but we also know that a good idea can come from anywhere.

Our goal for this plan has always been for it to be a living document, one that adapts as circumstances change and as we learn more about what works for our particular office. Each issue contains a detailed change log that documents all updates. Below is the most recent issue, Version 6.0. To see where we started, Version 1.0 can be viewed here.

Discover our process for returning to the office below, and contact us if your organization is struggling with these decisions, we'd love to hear from you.

August 11, 2020

K-12 and Higher Education after COVID19: Building Safe and Healthy Schools and Universities

As academic institutions prepare for an uncertain semester, local and state requirements will mandate re-openings nationwide. In this guide, Bialosky poses considerations and recommendations informed by the State of Ohio, the CDC, and trends in educational spaces. Educators, facility directors, university architects, Board of Education members, and parents will find value in this guide as we approach fall.

August 10, 2020

Post COVID-19 Multi-Family Housing: Considerations for Healthy Multi-Tenant Living

Multi-family housing and multi-tenant living spaces face a number of challenges in the Covid-19 era in response to physical distancing measures and lifestyle adaptations.  Bialosky considers the immediate factors that can change multi-family buildings, as well as future tenants and the spaces they inhabit.  Providing additional space to accomodate social distancing measures proves challenging in high-density building types, but selective strategies can facilitate the ultimate goal of health and safety for tenants and the spaces they occupy.


July 7, 2020

Preparing For A New Normal: How We Can Help

Buildings will face new challenges as they re-open to their employees, students, and the public. How can we re-calibrate our spaces for new health concerns and requirements? Although this time is unprecedented, our role is no different. As architects, engineers, and interior designers, it is our forte to problem-solve. We are actively advising clients on re-tooling buildings to address these concerns, both comprehensive and subtle. Whether your organization knows your exact needs or not, we can help.

This sheet serves as a conversation starter and as a lens for re-examining projects. It can spark new considerations, such as circulating spaces safely or environmental impacts of building modifications.

June 25, 2020

A Post COVID-19 Public Library: Considerations and Conversations for a Healthy Library

As libraries across the country re-open their doors with temporary measures, we consider how these facilities may change in the long term post COVID-19. Below, Bialosky shares big picture considerations on how this crisis can accelerate public libraries to adapt buildings for safe, healthy occupancy while evolving services to support the community during and after the pandemic.

Bialosky Announces Transition Plan