July 7, 2020

Preparing For A New Normal: How We Can Help

Buildings will face new challenges as they re-open to their employees, students, and the public. How can we re-calibrate our spaces for new health concerns and requirements? Although this time is unprecedented, our role is no different. As architects, engineers, and interior designers, it is our forte to problem-solve. We are actively advising clients on re-tooling buildings to address these concerns, both comprehensive and subtle. Whether your organization knows your exact needs or not, we can help.

This sheet serves as a conversation starter and as a lens for re-examining projects. It can spark new considerations, such as circulating spaces safely or environmental impacts of building modifications.

June 25, 2020

A Post COVID-19 Public Library: Considerations and Conversations for a Healthy Library

As libraries across the country re-open their doors with temporary measures, we consider how these facilities may change in the long term post COVID-19. Below, Bialosky shares big picture considerations on how this crisis can accelerate public libraries to adapt buildings for safe, healthy occupancy while evolving services to support the community during and after the pandemic.

June 18, 2020

A COVID-19 Responsive HVAC System: Considerations for Adapting Your Building

HVAC systems are an important component of any building, but as buildings re-open, their operation takes on an even more critical role. These systems are key in upholding a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. This guide may be useful as a building maintenance checklist, a conversation starter for you and your building owner, or as a lens for re-examining projects.

May 6, 2020

A Post COVID19 Workplace: Considerations and Conversations for Returning to Work

Navigating the return to the workplace is complex. Every organization and building is unique and their solutions should be too. This guide considers the return to work as phased, with new challenges presented at each step. Below, Bialosky shares big picture considerations for organizations in return-to-work strategies and conversations.



July 2, 2019

InfoComm 2019 Recap

The modern practice of architecture involves a blend of art, design, engineering, building science, sustainability, and technology. When touring our office for the first time, visitors may assume that the “technology” side of architecture is about utilizing a well-thought-out mix of the latest design, visualization and presentation software, keeping abreast of mobile technologies, implementing “maker” tools and hardware, and the like. However, our team feels that technology “tools” are just one part of the equation. Technology in architecture is more encompassing. As we strive to design buildings and spaces that are inspiring, welcoming, beautiful, and functional, we often incorporate technology to foster such experiences. The development of audio-visual technologies, augmented and virtual reality systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), distance learning technologies, E-sports broadcasting and presentation systems, as well as collaboration and conferencing platforms, continues to move ahead quickly. This year’s InfoComm show, attended by over 44,000 people from the U.S. and abroad, was proof of that. The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience show was held at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, Florida, and had over 150 educational sessions and about 930 exhibits for Design Creatives and AV pros to consider. I've highlighted just a few technologies & an educational session to provide you with a brief glimpse of this year's show.

Exhibit Hall:  Transparent OLED, MicroLED, Curved OLED, Crystal LED (CLED) Display Systems, Interactive Displays

LG, Sony, Epson, and many others manufacturers had eye catching booths to show off their impressive technologies. My guess is that LG’s Transparent OLED signage will capture the attention of Retail and Hospitality clientele.

Crystal LED Display System by Sony Electronics, Inc.

Close-up view of a curved modular framing system for LED displays, by beMatrix. LED displays that appear to be bending along a modular system's radii.....does that spark your creativity?

Looking for a large curved display, but need it to show vivid color and deep contrast? Then your eyes may have focused on LG's Fine Pitch LED Curved Display

....or LG's Curves of Nature OLED Display

Multi-View 4K 3-D Simulation Projector, by Digital Projection. Each participant's view of the imagery is adjusted to match his perspective, as the participant changes position.

Multiple projectors + Sculpture + Projection Mapping + Video Content = Eye Catching Display


Exhibit Hall:  Technologies for Huddle Spaces

Several Exhibitors showcased collaboration and presentation solutions for corporate and educational use.  Will you see the latest round of these technologies incorporated into your workplace?

Session: AV/IT Design with LEED - How Sustainability and AV Design Can Contribute to Successful Projects

Sustainability and AV?  Yes!  Legrand AV presented an informative course on how the AV Industry is focusing on sustainability.  If you were wondering how this is possible, then visit LeGrand AV’s website for information about AV installations and LEED v4.0 certification.

As current technologies continue to develop and gain appeal, you can be sure that creative Architects, Engineers, AV Pros, and Designers will collaborate to incorporate these trends into the buildings we visit, read about, work in, and enjoy.

 Cliff is a Registered Architect, a LEED BD+C accredited professional, and is Director of Technology at Bialosky Cleveland