November 22, 2013

BPA Designers Take Home AIA Cleveland Awards!

Our firm congratulates two of our youngest designers, Jill Christoff and Theodore Ferringer, for taking home AIA Associate Awards at the 2013 Cleveland Design Awards last week. The annual awards honor the next generation of designers and professional leaders in both practice and in the community.

The 2013 AIA Design Awards held at the newly opened Cleveland Convention Center.
Photo by Ally McCarley Photography

Jill Christoff is awarded the Emerging Practitioner Award at this year's AIA Cleveland Design Awards!

Jill Christoff is awarded the Emerging Practitioner Award at this year's AIA Cleveland Design Awards!
Photo by Ally McCarley Photography

Jill Christoff received the 2013 Emerging Practitioner Award, for shattering the myth of a single specialty. Jill is the rare story of successfully melding interior design (B.A. Interior Design Kent State University, c/o 2004) and architecture (Master of Architecture, University of Notre Dame, c/o 2009) into her professional identity. She has been recognized in both fields, earning the title of AIA Associate, and being NCIDQ Certified. As an enthusiastic Adjunct Professor, and an engaging Practitioner, Jill successfully devotes considerate time to both her students at KSU and the firm’s interns. In fact, Jill has always been a leader of the firm’s internal mentorship program, and has recently pioneered changes to improve the program’s impact and longevity. Additionally, Jill’s exceptional hand-drawing (often thought to be a skill lost in her generation) was on display at the AIA “Art of Architects” exhibit at the at Intown Club (October – November 2013) alongside the work of Richard Fleischman.

Theodore Ferringer was awarded the Activism Award for exciting Clevelanders about their city.
Photo by Ally McCarley Photography

Theodore Ferringer (Master of Architecture, Master of Urban Design CUDC c/o 2008) has received the 2013 Activism Award for his pledge to enrich Cleveland which has empowered the young designer to advocate, educate and excite its residents, architects and stakeholders about their city. His enthusiastic activism, creativity in the industry and continuous volunteerism/involvement in the region has earned Theodore several prestigious leadership positions. Theodore, having served on the AIA Cleveland board since 2011, is currently shadowing as the Associate Director Elect for 2013 for the AIA Ohio Valley Region (OVR), to serve a term in 2014-15 as Regional Associate Director to represent all AIA Associate (unlicensed) members in the region on the AIA National Associates Committee (NAC). Theodore is a champion at Bialosky + Partners in their regional pro bono work, including collaboration with Bike Cleveland for a safe and vibrant cycling culture in a rigorous planning proposal calling for a separated cycletrack network, The Midway, that re-uses right of ways of former street car lines to be installed throughout Cleveland.

November 19, 2013

LCCC Culinary Arts Design Receives AIA Honorable Mention Award

Bialosky + Partners Architects received a 2013 Honorable Mention Award from the Cleveland Chapter of the American Institute of Architects for Achievement of Excellence in Architectural Design for the Lorain County Community College Ben & Jane Norton Culinary Arts Center in Elyria, Ohio.  Our thanks goes out to the college, the construction team, our consultants, and our photographers as well as our colleagues and the prestigious jury for this great honor. The following images and project brief were included in the award submittal: [slideshow_deploy id='2236'] LCCC Ben and Jane Norton Culinary Arts Center Culinary Theater The project, sited between existing campus buildings with complex access and service issues, combines two unrelated programs: the college’s relocated TV studio and the new culinary school. By employing twelve access points from the adjacent buildings and eight level shifts on the ground floor as a mechanism for carving and shaping the final form and program areas, we created an experience of culinary arts instruction akin to a public theatrical production. The west façade, acting as the formal building entry, is a proscenium-like frame of metal and wood around a wall of glass that allows views into and out of the kitchens on the lower and upper levels. The entry plaza is an outdoor living room with shaded multi-level seating encouraging viewers to watch the interior activity.  A rotated vestibule with a grand stair cuts across the front of the building and acts as the main pathway between the three buildings and allows viewers a close look into the teaching kitchens. Like the exterior, the demonstration kitchen and lecture room exhibit a series of overhead wood frames that spill out light, reminiscent of a stage. The kitchen and lecture room relationship is orchestrated as a culinary theater between the demonstrator and student. The space is an interactive distance-learning center that encourages audience participation. The three additional teaching kitchens feature state of the art video cameras and viewing screens including a two-way floating glass screen that can be simultaneously viewed inside and outside the kitchens.  The TV studio takes on a similar process where the studio itself is on display to the passerby, but so is the control room and the video technology room where all the participants in the process are “on the air” to the public. The exterior materials are related to the adjacent buildings with blended brick, light buff concrete, and dark bronze metal.  The interior pulls the exterior materials inward, transitioning to a crisp, clean palette centered on stainless steel, medium grey metal, blue tile, and a warm wood. The project is pursuing LEED Certification with high efficiency kitchen equipment, low-volume cooking hoods, reduced-flow plumbing fixtures, and LED lighting throughout.

September 19, 2013

2013 Northcoast 99 Awards Gala

With close to 1,000 people in attendance, the Northcoast 99 awards dinner last night brought NE Ohio's best companies under one roof to celebrate as winners of the class of 2013. We went as first-time winners, and saw many of our clients, like Cuyahoga Community College and Lorain County Community College. While many jokes throughout the night poked fun at the legendary application process, multi-year winners assured us it gets easier the second year.

Bialosky + Partners is a first time winner of the Northcoast 99 Award - hopefully the first of many years with some luck!


Cleveland's Singing Angels give a great performance for last night's event. Image from ERC.

Cleveland's own Singing Angels sent a surge of warmth through the crowd with their voices, and Craig Kielburger, co-founder of the international movement  Me to We earned his standing ovation with an inspiring speech that reminded us that change can start with one person, one community, one company.

Craig Keilburger -who has built hundreds of schools and infrastructure for children and their families around the globe- speaks about the power just one person has to make a difference. Image from ERC.

All winners were awarded a lithograph for their accomplishments. Ours was proudly set up in our lobby this morning! Congrats to the fellow 98 winners!

Bialosky + Partners' lithograph proudly sits in our lobby.


September 3, 2013

Bialosky + Partners Architects named to NorthCoast 99!

We were delighted to learn that Bialosky + Partners had been selected to receive a Northcoast 99 Award this year recognizing us as one of the best places to work in Northeast Ohio. It is further affirmation of what we have learned empirically: that our philosophy of work place empowerment and our culture of collaboration have succeeded in attracting and retaining extraordinary talent for our creative enterprise.   The Northcoast 99 committee discovered something in particular in our application that made Bialosky + Partners special.  Action Planning, the unique internally-driven workplace initiative in our firm, empowers 100 % of our employees to improve and energize our culture, workplace environment and resources, and professional development. A case study for this innovative process tells of its success in growing our firm, and the people within it. It has culminated in senior level advancement and the first ever intern-to-partner promotion in our 60 plus year history. We are very proud of “growing our own” and our clients tell us by their repeat business that they are very happy about it as well.   The business of architecture can be just that – a business. We’ve chosen another approach; we believe in a practice of inspiration and collaboration while balancing a client’s vision, project goals and design aspirations. While we lead with experience, we know the next great idea can come from anywhere, and often does. For our clients to believe in this, our employees have to believe it and live it first.  Anyone can “talk the talk”. It is very gratifying to receive recognition for doing our best to “walk the walk”.

July 30, 2013

Bialosky + Partners Receives Honorable Mention in the 2013 COLDSCAPES Competition!

"COLDSCAPES: New Visions for Cold Weather Cities" is a multi-disciplinary design competition that encourages artists, architects, landscape architects, and urban designers to explore the exciting and untapped potential of cold climate cities. The competition is organized by Kent State University's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC). Over 80 registrants participated in the 2013 COLDSCAPES Competition in its inaugural year, with submissions received from 15 U.S. cities and 13 countries spanning a wide range of cold (and warm) weather climates.

Bialosky + Partners Architects' submission for the 2013 Coldscapes Competition, titled GLOW, proposes iconic inhabitable relics to be built on Lake Erie.

PROJECT NARRATIVE GLOW ignites new poetic relationships between lake, city, and the rhythm of the seasons. A seasonal relic, GLOW engages the Lake Erie break wall, mediating the domestic (city side) and wild (north of the break-wall) sides of the lake, creating an infrastructure for cultures to develop that leverage the latency of water as public space – in both solid and liquid states. GLOW activates this linear infrastructure creating new experiences of the lake all year. Ramps bring users to an elevated deck that allows one to view and be viewed. The structures skin is inspired by the break-wall’s texture that becomes coated each winter by the crashing waves of Lake Erie. Inhabitable house-like (GLOW)bes hover still higher, creating an otherworldly, ethereal experience. The break-wall is a segmented lily-pad network by summer. In winter, when the lake freezes, the system becomes whole. This encourages engagement with the lake through skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, hiking, etc., to transverse the path and create their own way to engage with GLOW. An open canvas, GLOW is activated by each season uniquely, encouraging new cultures and economies in a non-prescriptive manner, providing the elements to awaken latent uses of one of our most important resources– water.

Inside a SNOW(GLOW)BE on Lake Erie.

Bialosky + Partners Architects' submission GLOW, which proposed building captivating structures on Lake Erie, received one of ten Honorable Mentions. The three winning entries and ten honorable mentions were selected by a jury comprised of leaders in a range of design fields, including architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and public art. These entries will be on exhibit in Cleveland in November 2013, and published in Volume 6 of the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative’s Urban Infill journal series, focused on advancing the design of urban environments for winter weather. Leaders of the GLOW submission included David Craun, Hallie DelVillan, Theodore Ferringer, and Michael Abrahamson (University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture; pre-PhD program, History/Theory of Architecture), and would not be possible without the hard work of Nathanael Dunn, Dave Berlekamp, Nick Dilisio, Andrew Vichosky, and Zach Anderson (Kent State University CAED).

The engagement of GLOW with the lake's break-wall to create an iconic network that connects City and Lake.