September 10, 2014

IIDA Talk of the Town: Urban Cool Meets Farm Fresh

We are excited to share that Bialosky + Partners has been featured in the IIDA Cleveland Akron City Center Newsletter and website’s “Talk of the Town” column.  The article profiles Cuyahoga Community College (CCC)’s Hospitality Management Center (HMC) and the adjacent private restaurant Pura Vida.

Read the article here:

The project goal was to create a new image for the college via contemporary, forward-looking architecture paired with clean striking interiors that creates an inviting community nexus to celebrate the art of cooking.  Glass walls admit views into the restaurant kitchen allowing the culinary students and visitors to see the instruction process in action.  This visual connection enhances the idea of Culinary Theater and demystifies the art of cooking.

Pura Vida + CCC HMC won a NAIOP Northern Ohio 2013 Award of Excellence for best Mixed-Use Interior Design project and a 2012 Award of Merit from IES (Illuminating Engineering Society).

Additionally, mark your calendars for the upcoming IIDA OH KY Chapter Annual Conference that will be held in Cleveland on October 17!  It’s held here once every 5 years and speakers this year include Cheryl Durst, IIDA CEO and Michael Murphy, Co-Founder and CEO of MASS Design Group.

May 16, 2014

Hope Rising at Rooms to Let: CLE

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 17th, an installation created by a team from Bialosky + Partners Architects will be on display as part of Slavic Village’s Rooms to Let: CLE. Rooms to Let is a collaborative art project led by the Slavic Village Development and Zygote Press in which three abandoned houses, struck hard by the foreclosure crisis, are transformed for one day into canvases for community artists. Inspired by a similar project in Columbus, Rooms to Let aims to bring attention to the issues surrounding the foreclosure crisis in Cleveland as well as act as catalyst for community involvement in Slavic Village.


Each of the three houses involved were curated by an artist that lives or works in the community—Wesleigh Harper and Michael Horton of MAKER Office, Barbara Bachtelll, Director of Broadway School of Music and the Arts, and Scott Pickering, graphic designer and multi-media artist. The house containing BPA’s installation was curated by MAKER Studio and also includes work from architect and visual artist Allison Lukacsy, artist Michael Loderstedt, as well and an exterior installation by MAKER themselves.

6626 Forman Ave

6626 Forman Ave

Hope Rising is the transformation of six rooms in an abandoned house in Slavic Village as a symbolic progression from tragedy to recovery.  The project explores the stages of grief associated with the trauma of foreclosure. It achieves this through the experience of ascension through the house from entry to attic as an act of moving through these stages into a better place. For our team, the idea loosely follows the complex, highly layered history of the house from its former life, to this temporary intervention and towards the eventual rehabilitation.

Rooms To Let Plan + Concept Diagram (Click to enlarge)

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

The theme for each of the transitional spaces follows the five stages of grief identified by the Swiss psychologist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross that patients often experience when given a terminal prognosis.  These include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  The sixth and final space is symbolic of a breakthrough or next chapter in the story of an individual, family, or community and is inspired by the fleeting moments often experienced between dreaming and waking.  We explored these complex themes with visual, tactile and audio sensory triggers including color progression, lighting levels, themed music, placed objects, space compression, and suggested interactions including crawling, sitting, and climbing.

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

This project is a means to discuss and consider wider issues of foreclosure, abandonment, population loss, and how to redevelop our neighborhoods without losing their memories and histories. Our collective goal, through the Rooms to Let: CLE! exhibit, is for the community to view a home's abandonment, not as a permanent situation, but rather as a temporary state that holds endless possibilities and the promise of a bright future.

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising / Photo by Jen Craun

Hope Rising is a collaboration by architects and designers at Bialosky + Partners Architects lead by David Craun and Ted Ferringer along with Hallie DelVillan, Brad Valtman, Chelsey Finnimore, and others under the curatorial oversight of Westleigh Harper and Mike Horton of Maker Office along with two additional interior artists, Allison Lukacsy and Michael Loderstedt. Funding was provided in part by Bialosky + Partners Architects, the Slavic Village Development Corporation, and donations by co-workers, friends and family. Rooms to Let: CLE takes place Saturday, May 17th from 1–6pm in Slavic Village. 6628 Sebert Ave. 6626 Forman Ave. 6818 Fleet Ave

November 4, 2013

COLDSCAPES Exhibit Opening & Book Release

The Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative has formally announced the opening for the upcoming COLDSCAPES Exhibit Opening & Book Release. Bialosky + Partners Architects are honored that our project, GLOW, will be featured in both the exhibition and in the accompanying book release. We invite you to join us on November 15th, to celebrate the exhibition opening and the ongoing development of CUDC's Center for Outdoor Living Design (COLD)! Additionally, check out this great article from Cleveland Magazine about COLDSCAPES: Cold Comforts - Cleveland Magazine

"One such Cleveland plan envisioned Lake Erie as a wintertime frozen playground with glowing, elevated observation pods over the lake that residents could ice skate or snowshoe to and take in the view."

Info from the CUDC's blog:

Join the CUDC on November 15th, from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm,  for the public opening of the Snowball Pavilion and release party for our new book, Urban Infill Volume 6: COLDSCAPES. The Snowball Pavilion is a weather-responsive wood structure installed on PlayhouseSquare’s Star Plaza for one month, which will display boards of winning submissions and honorable mentions from the 2013 COLDSCAPES Competition. The COLDSCAPES Exhibit and new book are part of the CUDC’s recently launched Center for Outdoor Living Design (COLD), which aims to inspire, develop, and promote innovative approaches to enhance livability in cold climate cities. The public reception with drinks and light appetizers will be held in Star Plaza at 1302 Euclid Avenue. RSVPs are appreciated via Facebook event page or email at info @ The COLD programming is made possible with the generous support of Cuyahoga Arts & Culture and The Cleveland Foundation. More info on COLD available at 

October 31, 2013

NOMA Cleveland Begins its Resurgence

The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) is centered on building a strong national organization, strong chapters, and strong members in order to drive design professionals to minimize discrimination in the industry. And the Cleveland Chapter is aiming to do just that – the unofficial chapter’s membership has declined over the years, and is suiting-up for its comeback. In the midst of becoming official, the chapter is doing the prep-work for becoming a strong foundation to motivate minority involvement in Northeast Ohio politics, civic forums, and youth mentorship programs. Branding and awareness is a big part of that. Earlier this year, our very own James Cowan started re-branding the Cleveland Chapter of NOMA. I sat down with James for a long-awaited interview about his role in reviving NOMA in Cleveland. HD: How did you stand-out from the crowd to be selected as the designer? JC: At the beginning of the NOMA meetings, we just began to delegate responsibilities. The members knew I had previous experience in creating other brands for Cleveland businesses, and enjoy graphic design as something extracurricular.

James' re-branding of the Cleveland Chapter of NOMA.

HD: What parameters did NOMA give for their new logo? What was the number one priority in the design? JC: “Just go at it” is what they said. The members gave me creative license with the design, and stressed the goal of creating an impactful identity. We have amazing origins, starting with Cleveland native Robert P. Madison, the first black registered architect in Ohio, and who has trained and mentored about 200 minority architects in his lifetime. At 90, he is still furthering awareness of African American history and culture, and continuing to build/shape a new Cleveland. NOMA Cleveland’s brand should resonate that “Cleveland is back”, and capture this recent resurgence. Early on, NOMA members liked the idea of incorporating the familiar “CLE” that has come to represent a love and pride of Cleveland. That became the one known in the composition. HD: And the design process? Does it start with pencil and paper? JC: I start with lists. I listed what pops out when I think about Cleveland, looking for strong iconic structures. The Detroit Superior Bridge, the lake, the Terminal Tower. I sketch it out, scan it, and then go to Photoshop/ Illustrator. After a design, I usually walk away from it for a few days, and come back to look at it with fresh eyes.  I started with a complex design, using the bridge and the tower, knowing down the line it would be edited down. I review them with the chapter, and we boiled down the design to something clear and minimal. HD: When can we expect the chapter logo to roll out? JC: It is already being implemented in our letterheads, and the more complex version may still be used for t-shirts and the like. We quickly wanted this branding in place and set for new members. It is all about bringing awareness of NOMA to the region; it’s exciting be a part of increasing NOMA’s visibility.

April 15, 2013

Interior Designers Go Haute Couture for Product Runway 2013

T minus three weeks for the couture competition event of the year - Product Runway. Presented by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), the competition challenges interior designers, architects and artists to test their creativity and technical skills by transforming interior finish materials (such as upholstery, ceramic tile, and laminates) into runway-fashion. This theatrical show of haute couture at the State Theater May 3rd 2013, will be judged by a prestigious panel, that includes fashion icon Cheryl Tiegs, deemed “America’s First Supermodel”. Bialosky + Partners is not only a participant but also is a proud sponsor of this event which raises money for Harvest for Hunger!

This year's Product Runway will rock the State Theater here in Cleveland May 3rd.


The Ohio/Kentucky Chapter has 16 competing teams, including a team from our office, who will compete in 5 categories: (1) Best in Show (2) Most Wearable (3) Haute Couture (4) Fit & Finish and (5) People’s Choice (one vote is $1).

Team and Inspiration:

Our team, Mandisa Gosa (Bialosky + Partners), Sandy Weigel (Bialosky + Partners), Hallie DelVillan (Bialosky + Partners), Raina Hooper (Ohio Desk), and Hannelore Berken (Independent Artist & Published Poet), are constructing a dress inspired by both the State Theater (which once-upon-a-time, was a vaudeville/movie house filled with magic) and the fantastical wonderland of Alice. We followed the rabbit hole to a time and place where the two theatrical motifs overlapped. This garment, Through the Looking Glass, boldly explores the melding of Alice in a whole new world. We're in the process of constructing the dress over the next few weeks so- fellow BPAers, you can ask a team member for a sneak peek! Jewelry crafted from translucent resin samples are created by the talented Erica Hoosic.

Materials: Choosing a palette of blacks, charcoals, and blues, our materials from Steelcase products are rich in texture and variety. The base of this dress is composed of 850+ hand-cut circles folded into rosettes.

Event Details:

When: May 3rd, 5:30pm - 11:00pm

Where: State Theater: 1519 Euclid Ave. Cleveland 44115

Tickets: Special discounts for students and IIDA Members.